Minneapolis is a Midwestern city with a family-friendly vibe. Our opinions are our own. Things to do: Another college town, you can visit the Kerrytown District for different events every day, including farmers markets, food truck rallies (WE LOVE FOOD TRUCKS), outdoor movies and more. Percentage of millennial residents in 2017: 22.1%, 3-year change in millennial population: 0.9%. Stock Market Alert: Move Your Money Before 2021, Billionaire Steven Cohen Pulls the Trigger on These 2 Penny Stocks, What a Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen would mean for markets, Bull Moves: Analysts Just Upgraded These 3 Hot Stocks, The Man Who Bought Amazon at $48 Says Buy TaaS Now, The Dow hitting 30,000 may just be the start, hints investing legend, J.P. Morgan: 2 Stocks to Consider Buying (and 1 to Stay Away From), Yellen Ending Trump Dollar Tumult Promises Cheers in Markets. Not only are these cities some of the cheapest places to live, but they also feature larger numbers of residents ages 25 to 39. The stock is currently trading at $10.45 per share – but the average target is $9.29. And, Lansing’s median monthly rent is $523 cheaper. With its wide spectrum of nightlife scenes — from the college-oriented Southside to the upscale Shadyside — young people who were born in and around Pittsburgh tend to “boomerang” back to the area to take advantage of the low cost of living and job availability. “There are several startup incubators and a healthy (venture capital) community in town, and the tech community continues to grow.”. CFX has strong brands and franchises… and an underappreciated productivity opportunity with primary end market bounce back in Fab Tech and demand spikes in Med Tech.”Tusa backs his upbeat comments with an Overweight (i.e. The cost of living in the capital of Texas is 30% higher than the national average. “We’re known as Beer City USA. Ann Arbor also has a high concentration of independent bookstores and a public art exhibit along the Huron River. Plus, Kansas City’s median list price of $129,000 is the ninth lowest on the list and $160,900 less than the national median. Now came the real rigorous math-y stuff. “More than this, the era of almost non-existent foreign-exchange intervention by developed nations could be about to end as well.”The U.S. last intervened in currency markets in 2011, along with international peers, after the yen soared in the wake of that year’s devastating earthquake in Japan.The dollar has fallen more than 11% since March, as measured by the Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index.Dollar bears have been emboldened by expectations that the Federal Reserve will keep rates near zero for years and that there will be diminished “haven” demand for the dollar given promising results for coronavirus vaccines. The bad times are likely temporary, he believes, and this company is set to take off. Sara Routhier, Managing Editor of Features and Outreach, has professional experience as an educator, SEO specialist, and content marketer. These cities have low rental rates, inexpensive public transit, jobs whose starting salaries outpace loan debt, and affordable necessities like food and clothing. If nature isn’t your thing, visit one of the city’s art or history museums. “You always have something to do no matter what you’re into.”. So, in the data below, if we show adjusted earnings above $40,000, then millennials in that city tend to enjoy above-average purchasing power.Â. I’m 65, have $500,000 in cash, no ‘impressive’ work résumé and am terrified of investing — can I retire? Millennial homeownership rates tend to be higher in these metros as well. Pocatello has a cost of living that’s 12.5% below the national average. Some of the best up-and-coming bands swing through the Slowdown. Learn more about, Elizabeth Semko of St. Louis, MO poses in the historic Fox Theater located in the arts district of the Grand Center area in Midtown St. Louis. Dow Jones Futures: Dow Makes History, As Tesla, Nio Set Record Highs; Hot IPO Stocks Corsair, Palantir Skyrocket, Tesla, Nikola Rally While Chinese Electric Car Stocks Veer Off, Unusually Large Nio Option Traders Bet Big On More Upside, Motley Fool (476% Avg Return) Unveils 50% Promo, Elon Musk Surpasses Bill Gates To Become World's Second Richest. On a typical weekend in the middle of June, there were so many festivals going on in Columbus, Ohio, that 36-year-old Derek Grosso had trouble picking which ones to attend — Pride, bicycle race Tour De Grandview, Zoofari at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. In Des Moines, the cost of living is 14.1% below the national average. Additionally, metro areas were grouped into the following cohorts based on population size:Â. Comparison shopping should be easy. Transportation — a free circulator route provided by the Central Ohio Transit Authority — and a burgeoning downtown are other highlights Grosso cites in touting Columbus as an affordable. (See VRM stock analysis on TipRanks)Colfax Corporation (CFX)Next up is Colfax, a niche manufacturing company. To this end, the analyst upgraded CLF from Hold to Buy, and his $15.80 price target suggests it has a 46% upside in the coming year. A viable vaccine for the coronavirus disease will push us back to normal conditions, and boost investors’ mood immeasurably. It also allowed us to match up unemployment rates with each region. While Nashville may be known for country music, it has a diverse collection of industries in health care, compounding pharmacies, finance, publishing, and music production. Percentage of millennial residents in 2017: 30.6%. They looked at population growth to see whether more-affordable cities were growing at a faster rate than others, and they looked at home prices as another measure of relative affordability. Despite higher levels of education, millennials are more likely to have lower earnings, fewer assets and less wealth than previous generations at the same age. Coinbase plans to suspend all margin trading contracts effective tomorrow, and will end the service entirely by next month. Millennials, especially those living in large metropolitan areas, have long been considered a generation of renters. The researchers ranked metro areas according to the cost-of-living adjusted median income for full-time working millennials. Only about one-third of millennials own a home, according to Census data. With regards to work experience, millenials are a diverse generation. Between 2014 and 2017, Orlando experienced the ninth-largest change in millennial population — an increase of 1.9 percentage points — as well as the eighth-largest change in total population growth. Richmond has the ninth-largest percentage of millennial-aged residents and saw the seventh-largest growth in millennial population between 2014 and 2017. Percentage of millennial residents in 2017: 22.8%. Lawrence is also home to the Prairie Park Nature Center, a 100-acre nature preserve that’s free to enter. Following the activity of the investing titans is one strategy.Enter billionaire Steven Cohen. The Freret Market is a can’t-miss destination. Aphria and Curaleaf hit buy zones. Among the Dow Jones stocks, Apple and Microsoft are among the top stocks to buy and watch in November 2020. Percentage of millennial residents in 2017: 25.4%, 3-year change in millennial population: 1.7%. Therefore, the analyst consensus is a Moderate Buy. The monthly median rent in this city is $370 below the national average of $1,486. Buy), and his $70 price target implies an upside of 91% for the year ahead. (To watch Gupta’s track record, click here)Even after the fall in its share value, Vroom retains a Strong Buy from the analyst consensus. Data is accurate as of July 7, 2019, and is subject to change, Percentage of millennial residents in 2017: 25.1%, 3-year change in millennial population: 0.7%. In 2014, the number of millennial-aged residents in the city was 12,037, totaling 22.1% of the population. Factors included the three-year change in each city’s millennial population, the overall cost-of living index, the median monthly rent and the median home list price. In addition, the three-year change in the city’s millennial population is double the national average. Geographically, the 50 cheapest cities for millennials are concentrated in certain areas. The cost-of-living index is from the Bureau of Economic Analysis’s Regional Price Parity dataset for 2017, and the 5-year population change is calculated as the percent change in population from 2013 to 2018 using the U.S. Census Bureau’s Population Estimates. And you can never go wrong with a contemporary art museum. We assigned each of those variables a standardized score and ranked the average. The shares are up 88% year-to-date, and the company registered a net profit in 1Q20, just as the corona crisis started. Lancaster has a cost of living that’s 7% below the national average. This city has one of the largest tech sectors in the country, which gives millennials job opportunities to work in the industry for big-name companies, such as Microsoft.

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