Even if he's able to outsmart and out-muscle most Earth-bound characters, he would simply be no match for the half-Eternal Thanos. In its natural form, Parallax is depicted as a monstrous, parasitic organism — though it’s known for its ability to settle in a host and feed upon their fears and powers. And, really, she'd just have to keep Thanos' hand open, which doesn't sound difficult for her to do. The nihilistic Mad Titan is one of the most dangerous foes in any universe, one searching for ultimate power not so he can conquer but just so that he can end as many lives possible in the most efficient manner. That being said, he has still proven himself to be the greatest threat the Avengers and Guardians have ever been up against. The answer is yes and no. Tanking multiple Hulk+ level hits and ranged attacks with only a single scratch during the entire movie. Of course, a lot has changed in the past few years. The Black Order exists to take care of all the things that Thanos doesn't feel the need to do himself but more than that, they are also a way for Thanos to test his foes. The DC villain also has a genius-level intellect, making him a serious double-threat to anyone who crosses his path. The Clown Prince of Crime first appeared in. Then there are times, like in Jason Aaron's Doctor Strange (2015), where Wanda is brought down to the same level as every other spellcaster in the Marvel Universe. He is now portrayed as an incarnation of the Wrath of God with near-omnipotent powers, from flight to matter manipulation. While there, Dylan continued to explore his lifelong fascination with the entertainment industry by receiving degrees in both Television/ Film Arts and Writing. Just look at Donny Cates' "Thanos Wins" story; it's proposed that Thanos will destroy all life and rule a desolate universe as King Thanos. She can easily bond with any mortal being she wants and it would be really difficult for Thanos to beat her. If anything, it just shows how durable Thanos is. Yes but will she no. Thanos has taken his nihilism so far that he's even fallen in love with Death herself, the ultimate expression of his twisted belief system. While this put him on the same playing field of characters like Superman, it apparently didn’t make him very interesting to the writers. For her, it's victory or death. Thanos will easily be able to do anything he wants with a lone Green Lantern before they could even finish reciting their oath. 1.) In both that film and Avengers: Age of Ultron, that's just about all she did. His speed, when cranked to maximum, allows him to move through time which is a reliable and proven method to defeat Thanos... or at least undo what he did. She either defeats her enemy and protects the innocent or dies trying, slowing her foe down long enough for others to take up the fight. Could she? A number of the villains listed here could only defeat Thanos without the fully assembled Infinity Gauntlet. With the Anti-Monitor’s ability to destroy entire universes, he quickly became a threat to any hero (or villain) living in the Multiverse. The most similar superhero to Spectre in Marvel is Captain Universe-- someone who can also beat Thanos. Ummmmmmm.... what does Thor have to do with this fight? That's all on top of his imposing physical strength, incredible fighting skills and sadistically keen mind. Dr. Manhattan is one of the relatively new additions to DC's roster and it's a good thing they acquired him. While the character has long been a hit on the page and small screen, the Riddler is due for another big screen incarnation — especially with the overabundance of Joker movies we've had in recent years. As a result, he can pretty much do what his Kryptonian ancestors can, meaning he's on the same level as Superman. The character first appeared during the Golden Age, where he was introduced as an imp from the fifth dimension who holds seemingly limitless control over our reality — also known as the third dimension. The Clown Prince of Crime first appeared in Batman #1 in 1940, and he would go on to become the archenemy of the eponymous hero ever since. This has also made him a formidable foe of Superman and Wonder Woman on occasion. Thanos believes wholeheartedly in the destruction of all things and will stop at nothing to bring it about. This. Here are 10 DC Villains Who Could Defeat Thanos In Seconds (And 10 He Would Destroy). And from his last two appearances, neither is Hulk. He can be reached at dylandembrow1@gmail.com. He’d also be smart enough to realize that the chaotic, self-serving nature of the Joker would make him an utterly worthless henchman. He's basically the opposite of the most pure-hearted superheroes. Thanos can wade into just about any battle knowing that the vast majority of enemies can't hurt him at all. As a matter of fact, I think Thanos can cleave atoms. Wonder Woman has no way to take down Thanos. In fact, he's such a non-threat that the only reason Thanos might destroy him would be to silence Two-Face's endless blathering.

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