It doesn’t know how to assume and never think about the consequences. A collection of one or more computers or computing devices, together with their hardware and software, integrated for the purpose of accomplishing shared tasks. Legal ownership applying to intellectual property. It’s impossible for any computers right now. Removes some data from the original data. Boy: Let her approach me first. [TechTarget], Any identifiable occurrence that has significance for system hardware or software. Screw the map! The terms and concepts used in the unplugged lessons are defined using words that young students can understand. Computer science, or CS, entails both the theory of computation and algorithms used in software applications as well as the design of hardware used in computing devices like PCs, laptop computers, tablets and smartphones. are all on that one page. Kilobyte, Megabyte, etc. Start studying Computer science glossary. Computers work by adding complexity on top of complexity. Computer terms, dictionary, and glossary. Deadlock is another common issue in concurrency system. He fixes your door lock and secretly duplicates another key. Step-by-step procedure for solving a problem. The number of bits allocated to represent each pixels colour. However, since both transactions aren’t completed, both can’t access the locked accounts. software. When you want to know how to make a cake, you go to that recipe, and all of the information about how to make that cake (ingredients, preparation, mixing, baking, finishing, etc.) [MDESE, 2016], programming: The craft of analyzing problems and designing, writing, testing, and maintaining programs to solve them. A symbolic name that is used to keep track of a value that can change while a program is running. Imagine you have to teach a kid how to shower. New York, NY: College Board. Whereas digital data is a set of individual symbols, analog data is stored in physical media, such as the surface grooves on a vinyl record, the magnetic tape of a VCR cassette, or other nondigital media. Someone who acts safely, responsibly, and respectfully online. A repetitive action or command typically created with programming loops. Every time the phone rings, you have to stop whatever task you are working on. Accessibility standards that are generally accepted by professional groups include the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) standards. [Free Dictionary], An early approximation of a final product or information system, often built for demonstration purposes. Then, transaction A tries access your account to add the $1000 from Peter. She distribute the same padlocks (public key) to her friends. The tall grey bar in the middle section of's online learning system that contains all of the commands you can use to write your program. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 0 = waiting. Q2 is a NP (nondeterministic polynomial) problem because it is easy to verify, but hard to solve. [Tech Terms], A special kind of variable used in a procedure to refer to one of the pieces of data received as input by the procedure. Brilliant right? You can also randomly choose a different starting point, which is known as random-restart hill climbing. Data can be digital or nondigital and can be in many forms, including numbers, text, show of hands, images, sounds, or video. When the program's execution appears to run as normal, but not as the programmer intended. device which takes input data, processes it and outputs the result. So that you don’t just linger around the same area and reduce your probability of getting stuck. Checking every single item in the list to see if it matches the search item or not. Peter transfer $1000 to you (transaction A) and you transfer $500 to him at the same time (transaction B). 1. There are 30 lockers. Here’s an excellent video that uses dominoes to visualize how computers perform binary calculations at the most basic, fundamental level: More: Interactive explanation on how computer works, More: The Freeze App Analogy, Simple Wikipedia. Over 6,500 entriesPreviously named A Dictionary of Computing, this bestselling dictionary has been fully revised by a team of computer specialists, making it the most up-to-date and authoritative guide to computing available. For online downloading, the download time is directly proportional to the movie file sizes (input). [Wikipedia]. [Oxford], The special set of rules used by endpoints in a telecommunication connection when they communicate. A trojan horse is malware program that pretends to be useful or helpful and runs malicious code in the background. Works by replacing long sequences of repeated data values by indicating what has been repeated and the number of times it has been repeated. Contains information about image data to allow a computer to recreate the image. Someone transfers $500 to you and you withdraw $300 from ATM. [MDESE, 2016], The study of how people interact with computers and to what extent computing systems are or are not developed for successful interaction with human beings. Computer software that performs a specific task. 1. Writing very specific instructions to a dumb, yet obedient machine. This happens because the banking system isn’t aware of other ongoing transactions. A field that is unique ( different for every record). Parallelism allows 2 or more tasks to run at the same time, provided that the machine has multiprocessing capability. A law which protects inventions and ideas. At the end of the day, you’ve only made one book sale. Some even ask you where are the book shelved. theme: Serena, by Kay Belardinelli, Careers: The Real World of Computer Programming, A Day in the Life of a Computer Operator/Programmer, Computer Science role plays for learning coding concepts, 15 Steps To Master The Art of Storytelling, 7 Secrets to Write Like a Native English Speaker, How to Write and Revise an Argument Essay, 10 Effective Tips to Help You with Essay Writing, How To Write A Story For Complete Beginners, Automated Essay Evaluation for Innovative Teachers and A+ Students. A string might represent, for example, a name, address, or song title. 1 = ongoing transaction. What does it mean? They make 2 identical (symmetric) keys for the lock and meet up to share the keys beforehand. Maybe your second-floor windows is left open, who knows? You have no idea how I did that. IP address that does not change once it is assigned. A procedure that specifies what should happen when a specific event occurs.

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