Q. Siphon or dump water out of the brine tank (not on grass or plants as the high percentage of sodium in this water… If the water in your salt tank is higher than normal, it may be because the venturi of the system is clogged or has some build-up on it. It is normal to have 2 to 5 inches of water at the bottom of the salt storage tank. It’s Easy! It’s very pure and reasonably priced. Morton will send you a water test strip to help you find out if you have hard water. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. It is important to know how to clean water softeners since they are designed to remove harsh minerals from your home’s supply of water. Morton® Clean and Protect™ Plus Rust Defense™. The salt clears off the minerals from the resin so that your water softener can continue to soften your water. Leaks Leaks occur when the tank of the water softener cracks or when the pipes and tubes crack, which often causes the brine resin itself to leak into the household water. You love all the new fixtures and appliances, but what is that thing in the basement that has water pipes going into, and out of it? But the worsed thing about mixing salts is that the small-sized salts will bond with the larger pellets and become a big block of salt, otherwise known as a salt bridge. Even though your water softener pretty much takes care of itself with the exception of needing salt added periodically. Website operating When this happens, it creates an ideal place for mold to start developing. Clean the tank with a cleaning brush and then rinse it thoroughly in your shower or with a garden hose outside. A few wraps around the drain line and then taping it to the drainpipe with some duct tape usually does a fine job. There is actually not all that much that you have to do to maintain a water softener. A bypass valve allows you to divert your water from going through your water softener should your water softener develope some problem where you need to stop the water flowing through it, but still provide water to your home. Q. To give the best results, a water softener should be cleaned regularly by following a few simple steps. But there are a few other things to know, to help prolong the life of your water softener, and make sure that it is operating correctly. Hard water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. What is the warranty on the Morton Water Softeners? I had this water softener for little over 2 years which worked well till 3 ... Have had a 2 cu.ft. This is what the salt of a water softener system does. This binder does not dissolve in water, and in time, will build-up on the bottom of your water softeners salt tank. A WATER SOFTENER, what’s that? For example: if your family uses 400 gallons of water per day and you have 10 grain per gallon hard water, you would need 4,000 grains of water softener capacity per day (400 gallons x 10 grain hard water). We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. link to What Happens When A Water Softener Regenerates? Your water softener will discharge its wastewater and cause a flood. How do I know what my water hardness is? All seems to be well. Because the bypass is designed to divert the water flow, it is normally under pressure from the water, and this can make it a little difficult to move if it has been sitting in one position for a long period of time. Using a large 4.5″ diameter by 10″ high Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter will often be perfect for the job. Because of the different sizes and shapes of different salts, they can easily mix together filling all of the gaps between the larger sized pellets with the smaller sized crystals. How Do I Maintain My Water Softener? If solar salt is not available, my second choice is to use salt pellets. This is because the pellet salt contains a binder, which allows it to hold its’ pellet shape. Change your sediment filter regularly: As needed, every home is different, 4. Clean the salt plate that you will find on the bottom of the tank. Every time your water softener regenerates, there is a surge of water running through its drain line. This is why your water softener should have come with a bypass valve. A salt bridge is when the salt in your water softener salt tank sticks together and clings to the sides of the salt tank. Learn How To Clean A Water Softener Resin Tank. Is this OK and how do I get rid of it. The softener’s resin attracts calcium, magnesium, iron, and other trace minerals that make the water “hard.” To remove these minerals, begin looking for an appropriate resin cleaner and follow this guide. home improvement and repair website. Q. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Grain Capacity is the maximum number of water hardness grains per gallon that the unit can remove before it automatically regenerates. Securing your drain line does not have to be a major project. Can I use Potassium Chloride in my water softener? Pour it into the water softener and scrub once more with a brush. But at first, I highly recommend making checking on your water softener’s salt level a weekly routine, until you become accustomed to how your water softener works, and how much salt it requires. Not all homes will need to have a water sediment filter, so you may not have one in your home. If your water softener has run out of salt, see my article about What Happens When A Water Softener Runs Out Of Salt. After the brine has been cleaned out, remove the valve chamber by unscrewing the bolts on both sides of the tank. And I decided to give it away FOR FREE! I have an older Culligan Mark 89 water softener, and we have well water. Your particular savings may be different depending on your usages and lifestyle. I can’t even begin to tell you how often I get a call about poor water pressure in a customer’s house. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. You can find many different types of water softener salts at your local big-box store, but which one should you use, and why are they different? Yes, below is the estimated average annual savings from using a Morton. At this point, all of the old salt should be used up without letting your water softener run out of salt, and without causing a salt bridge. You also need to turn off your water main. Q. How To Maintain Your Water Softener. How often does my water softener recharge? Demand Regeneration monitors your water usage and only regenerates as needed. But municipal water is often chlorinated. If you get your water from a private well, you will need to get your well tested for hardness and iron levels/types. If you see a little build-up of crusty salt, wipe it off with a damp, lint-free towel. I recommend that you move the bypass lever, knobs, or bar back and forth a few times every few months to keep it operating smoothly. The ideal location for your Morton® Water Softener should be near the incoming water line, with a standard electrical outlet and drain nearby. Hello O Lemons and thank you for the question. In order to help make sure that your bypass will operate correctly when the need for it arrives. All information is provided "AS IS." By keeping the walls of the salt tank clean, there is less chance of a salt bridge forming from the salt that has begun crusting up on the walls of the tank. Cleaning the tank yourself is simple once you know what to do and it will save you a lot of money on expensive repairs. water softener for 10 years. When the water flow is restricted during a water softeners regeneration process, the water softener will not be able to regenerate its water softening resin correctly. For nearly all water softeners, I recommend using “Solar” salt. Luckily, in most cases, it is just because the customer’s sediment pre-filter has gotten so clogged up, that the water has trouble flowing through it. View our Privacy Policy here. Visit the Warranty Page or consult your Owner’s Manual. Further cleaning follows using a bleach solution follows. Your water softener adds water to the salt tank to dissolve a portion of the salt to create a brine. This block can be very hard to remove and may require chipping away at it in order to remove it in smaller chunks. How much sodium will be added to my drinking and/or cooking water? It developed a small tear, allowing the sediment to get past the filter and into the plumbing of the home, where it blocked faucets, showers, and even the water feeds to the toilets. Log in. If the floor is uneven, it can be leveled with a piece of plywood and shims underneath the plywood to level the surface. A water softener removes minerals from your water and collects them on its water softening resin. A water system that is treating water that contains iron, manganese, sulfur, or other particles that can cause build-up inside of a water softener system, may require a bit more maintenance in order to perform its job correctly. When this happens, water has trouble flowing through the salt.

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