Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. PVC pipe and glass tubes are used for extraction. At the High Times series of Cannabis Cup competitions, which take place in states where medical marijuana is legal (and Amsterdam), Black says the once-marginal hash oil entries have not only increased over the last several years but "pretty much eclipsed traditional hash at this point.”, But as its popularity grows, so do the number of hash oil enthusiasts eager to attempt their own homebrew BHO, a process that usually involves the highly flammable solvent butane. But with hash oil, because it’s so much more potent (no extra “stuff”), you’ll need less to achieve the same results. Honey Oil, (also called BHO/Butane Hash Oil, Weed Oil, and Dab among other names) is a residue created when parts of the marijuana plant are soaked in a solvent, or blasted with butane gas. When can Disneyland and other major California theme parks reopen? Process 1) consists of dissolving the oil in a non-polar solvent such as petroleum ether, repeatedly washing (saponifying) with a base such as sodium carbonate solution until the yellow residue disappears from the watery phase, decanting, and washing with water to remove the base and the saponified components (and evaporating the solvents). Cannabinoid carboxylic acids (THCA, CBDA, and maybe others) have an antibiotic effect on gram-positive bacteria such as (penicillin-resistant) Staphylococcus aureus, but gram-negative bacteria such as Escherichia coli are unaffected.[45]. Hash oil is consumed usually by ingestion, smoking or vaporization. [citation needed] Hash oil can contain up to 80% THC, though up to 99% is possible with other methods of extraction. [26] Research suggests when vitamin E acetate is inhaled, it may interfere with normal lung functioning. Even in states that support recreational use of marijuana, laws are becoming more restrictive. WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. The microns that are held in highest regards are the 73u and 90u, as this is where the resin heads reside. This process reduces the oil yield, but the resulting oil is less acidic, more easily digestible and much more potent (almost pure THC). Now that we’ve identified the trichomes as the focus of our hash oil discussion, the next big question becomes, “How do we get the trichomes — and the cannabinoids they contain — off the plant and into our bodies?”. Wait, marijuana-based explosions? For more information on all things cannabis and to check out our 100-percent all-natural marijuana products, visit today. [11], The hash oils made in the nineteenth century were made from hand collected hashish called charas and kief. [2] When decolorizing fatty oils, oil retention can be up to 50 wt % on bleaching earths and nearly 100 wt % on activated charcoal. (The number one precaution according to everyone I spoke to for this article: Never make oil indoors.). As far as ingesting it is concerned, butane hash oil, certainly poses health risks. In March, an explosion at a Buena Park motel room prompted evacuations and an investigation into a possible drug lab. A new focus on the dangers of butane and its role in producing hash oil emerged on Sunday, a day after a fiery blast injured 12 Los Angeles firefighters. Ryan earned a BA degree in Political Science from UCLA and is working toward his Master's of Legal Studies at UCLA. A specifically designed ‘bong’ commonly known as an ‘oil rig’ is commonly used.3 There is anecdotal evidence that indicates people believe dabbing is a safer method of cannabis ingestion as opposed to a bong or joint due to the high potency of dabs, which reduces t… Even if family members are not involved, someone close by could be. Reports tell us in one recent 14-month period, some 20 “cooks” and bystanders were treated at burn centers in Southern California for catastrophic injuries, a toll worse than from meth labs. Small portable vape pens saw a dramatic increase in popularity in 2017. Cannabis flower material is washed with ice water, and strained using filters in sequential micron size to isolate intact trichomes and their heads into ice water hash. Like other plants, it comes in several varieties (indica, sativa, and ruderalis or hemp) and grows in a wide range of climates. Public pressure on the Governor’s Office, State Senate and Assembly could help turn that legislation into law. Don’t fret. Inside The Mainstream Explosion of Cannabis Concentrates", "Cannabis Oil: chemical evaluation of an upcoming cannabis-based medicine", "Assessing the Dangers of "Dabbing": Mere Marijuana or Harmful New Trend? You need to be aware of the risks, and be on the lookout for materials that indicate Honey Oil manufacturing. Hash oil (also known as butane hash oil or BHO, dabs, wax, earwax, honey, honey oil or shatter) is a product created by extracting THC from the marijuana plant. [2] The acids are decarboxylated during drying and heating (smoking). Leave it to the professionals and their fancy, expensive, and safe equipment. No longer. That ball of goo is extracted, concentrated trichomes. The flowers of the cannabis plant contain tiny mushroom-like tendrils called trichomes. After filtering and evaporating the solvent, a sticky resinous liquid with a strong herbal odor (remarkably different from the peculiar odor of hemp) remains.[2][18]. The resin inside the trichomes actually serves as a defense mechanism against hungry herbivores like rabbits and deer that would chew the plant down to the ground. Hash oil can be used to make your weed stronger, and to put unusable weed to work for you instead of letting it go to waste. We mentioned above that hash oil can be two different products — this is the first.

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