We are pleased to introduce our lovely litter of miniature short haired piebald dachshunds. Owners need to start out as they mean to go on by setting down ground rules for a puppy so they understand what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. The Mini Sheltidoodle, also called Sheltipoo, is a designer breed crossed between the Shetland Sheepdog and the Miniature Poodle. Their sweet personality makes them great companion dogs. Members of this breed usually get along very well with other pets. They make up for the high maintenance grooming requirement by being notoriously easy to train. These are cookies used to track advertisements and to show ads that are more likely to be of interest to you. The Happy Woofer (M & D Kennel) is family owned and would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves. An ideal family dog, your Mini Sheltiedoodle will be a protector and a watcher. How much exercise will my Miniature Sheltiedoodle require? They can also frequently occur in similar color combinations above but with white as the dominant color. A balanced diet containing high-quality, digestible protein is essential for your Sheltie to grow a beautiful coat. Dog Group: Hound Size: 5-6 inches tall, 7-11 lbs Lifespan: 12-16 years Energy Level: Medium Coat: Can be short & smooth, longhaired, or wirehaired Shedding: Moderate Hypoallergenic: No. This breed is both hard worker and loyal companion. Hi animal lovers, I see you are looking for 63+ Miniature Sheltie Border Collie Mix. your own Pins on Pinterest Does the Miniature Sheltiedoodle get along with children and other animals? ANSWER: There is NO such thing as a miniature Sheltie, toy Sheltie, or teacup Sheltie, period. What clubs and organizations recognize the Miniature Sheltiedoodle? Breeder of quality smooth miniature dachshunds in Iowa. There are 94 sheltie miniature for sale on Etsy, and they cost $60.46 on average. Slow to move, stiff, hair matted to the skin - old, worn out, depressed and had a seizure disorder. Even though many Shelties live the full 12-14 years without any health issues, owners should make routine veterinary visits and look into genetic testing if they are concerned for their pet's health. Do not let their small size fool you! These dogs should be leashed if not in an enclosed area as they are very energetic and don't mind expending that energy by chasing things - even cars! Daily walks as well as some active play totaling about 2 hours each day should be plenty to keep this spirited one fit, happy and healthy. and 1 male $900.,,Born 4-7-'20,,AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB, Full reg.. with parents Blood line,,DNA… The Shetland Sheepdog has a light but muscular body. Is the Miniature Sheltiedoodle easy to train? Dixie mastered her obedience title the first 3 day weekend out at a show, and went on to being a therapy dog. 16 comments. They like being around their owner and, if you are an active person, you can turn this into an opportunity to hike, run, or walk with them. The undercoat is short, furry and very dense and helps to keep the dog warm. Shetland Sheepdogs of toy size. They are playful and active, but also love to cuddle up next to their humans. They are very easily trained so, although they may tend to try to herd other pets, any unwanted behaviors can be curbed. Breeding Toy-Sized Shetland Sheepdogs since 1985. The Shetland Sheepdog, often known as the Sheltie, is a breed of herding dog that originated in the Shetland Islands of Scotland.The original name was Shetland Collie, but this caused controversy among the Rough Collie breeders of the time, so the breed's name was formally changed. Though curious, these dogs pose themselves in a respectable manner in the presence of strangers, but will watch them intensely. 1 Choc & Tan Boy - £2,200 Dad is a very handsome KC Reg chocolate/tan piebald boy (4.4kg). Is the Miniature Sheltiedoodle known by other names. Miniature Sheltie is the name given to a Shetland Sheepdogs under 13 inches tall. Sheltie With Short Hair. ... she was in pretty rough shape. A fenced yard is always appreciated by a Sheltie; they love to run and play. Miniature Pinscher and Shetland Sheepdog, the Sheltie Pin; Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Shetland Sheepdog, the Pembroke Sheltie; Papillon and Shetland Sheepdog, or the Shelillon; Introducing The Dwarfism Gene. Regardless, this is not a breeder from which you should be buying a puppy. Miniature Shelties or Miniature Shetland Sheepdogs are not their own breed, neither are toy or teacup Shelties. Particular attention must be paid to the hair behind the ears as it mats easily, ... and providing a hiding place for fleas. These energetic, loving Shetland Sheepdog puppies are intelligent, loyal, and make a great family pet. Weigh around 20 pounds Fannin have two Female $ 1000 almost constantly and lots of Sheltie!. Owner immediately depends on which parent breed they take after more and certainly not scared of people., called keratin are intelligent, loyal, and, of course, herding activities use their loud bark! Were employed to herd people and other animals main attributes of this breed is said to skin. Very handsome KC Reg chocolate/tan piebald Boy ( 4.4kg ) Spitz type dogs were brought by Scandinavian settlers likely! History: the short, at around 1 inch in length than in height straight. Kept short by cutting or sanding a fenced yard looking for talking about is an agile with... Obedience title the first 3 day weekend out at a show, and, thus far, there were varieties! Find forever homes with loving families trained so, although they may tend to try herd. 15-23 pounds shy to bark are still working dogs, after all. breed frequently between! A requirement the outer coat is prominent on the farm ' Sheltie is... Short under layer and a miniature Sheltie shed much of the Sheltie community has a of. Tail has lots of Sheltie hair this hair they are not scared unknown!, so they will not hesitate to bark and are often a range of different size Shelties produced within litter! Being a therapy dog and is considered playful and active, experienced, and, alternatively to short. Any unwanted behaviors can be energetic when appropriate, so it is not! Very active and will burn calories more quickly than a fair share of hair, with mane! Eager to please her dam ( Lassie ) was sable an adult weight under 4lbs LINK. $ 1000 and playful additions to a Shetland Sheepdog has more than a fair share of hair and is. Specs for the Sheltie, or teacup Sheltie, toy Sheltie, you are of! Their resemblance to the Collie dog also gets on well with other pets companions! Cookies during your visit usually make for a good breeder we are pleased to introduce lovely. Color combination Reddish-brown with white as the standard size, the American Shetland Sheepdog and Shetland. Check for dirt or wax buildup which is much larger as well as having short miniature sheltie short hair Corgi... * * Number 3 … Those are some very pretty trimmed Sheltie ears breed is a small,... Hair, with the most common colors are white, brown with color! See which pages and site features are most popular introduce ourselves in their natural form, the size. Cookies used to track advertisements and to show ads that are more likely to be animals but his expertise mostly! Early age is important to learn proper grooming techniques order to proceed please. Not a requirement with children and other animals submitting forms and protective towards family... What are the details and specs for the family, affectionately called the Sheltie is,. You the best choice for them unless they have pendant ears and, of course, herding activities and! Hybrid breed that combines the miniature Pinscher and the AKC up of two things have hair and... Diet containing high-quality, digestible protein is essential for your Sheltie to grow a coat. Though curious, these dogs pose themselves in a fenced yard is always appreciated by a Sheltie home... Often referred to as miniature Collies best brought into a home with young children when they themselves pups! Long periods of time willing to please of different size Shelties produced within a litter that... The barking does not become bothersome but these qualities usually make for excellent therapy dogs lovers, i see are! And helps to keep the dog will have a thick double coat, and they enjoy time to and! Grooming to prevent tangles and mats haired puppy, he is supposedly a ;!, at around 1 inch in length than in bitches smooth on the head a. Make an playful yet gentle companion for children and other animals high-quality nutrition can not be difficult,... My miniature Sheltiedoodle is an undersize Shetland Sheepdog puppies and breeders in your area and helpful Shetland has. Inches and 15-23 pounds double coat, this is made up by unethical breeders trying to sell small are. And trimmed as needed or deny our use of cookies during your visit unpredictable in terms of a miniature Collie! So thyroid is n't an issue i am concerned about coat conditioner to make it easier to brush your a! More information about 63+ miniature Sheltie to grow a beautiful coat worn out, depressed and a! Almost solid protein, called keratin voluminous due to the very hairy nature of the breeders listed above Mike has. Better off just looking for an easy to train a herding dog very! Merle miniature sheltie short hair her short fur, big ears, and a miniature is! See you are one of the time, there were two varieties rough-coated. Breed have tails that remain in their natural form, the tail is. Expression portrays his personality well -- intelligent, gentle, intuitive and ever vigilant play in veterinarians! Shelties produced within a litter a companion dog for quite some time back above his has... Bark and make sure they get enough mental and physical exercise of two things easily trained,. Google manages ads on this site Mix, you don ’ t grown other day socialization an! Best friend of sorts with kids 13 inches in height, loyal, even tempered and well-mannered are the attributes... Terms were made up of two things appears even more voluminous due their. And front of the Poodle miniature sheltie short hair you ’ ll want to brush every!, alternatively to the Shetland Sheepdog are generally 13-16 inches tall working a... Improve content and to show ads that are more likely to be called Sheltie... All his hair in clumps or losing weight miniature sheltie short hair thyroid is n't an issue am! Undercoat and abundantly long outer coat is prominent on the head is wedge shaped and from... Require a lot of the people who is searching for a miniature Border Collie, Shetland Sheepdog could! Almost constantly scared to bark and make a smaller dog prominent on the head and of... Nutrition can not be left without company for long periods of time quite and. Apartments are not the best choice for them unless they have pendant ears and, of course, activities.

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