�Z�Y��ӷ�u2PS�sqLw��Y���g��1�*�|MS��,e���D>�d���w۴Y����n�4�����m�_��1^;�����#L)Dv�x�*w 0000466510 00000 n Annual Provisional Stocking Document.This document contains 0000002140 00000 n 0000003722 00000 n 0000465531 00000 n 0000003688 00000 n The Georgia Wildlife Resources Division stocks trout in the streams, rivers and small lakes listed below. 0000465603 00000 n �ALtDL�#����Iv1�m"ALtD0��dG�$;��舘dG��b�#b�ALtDL�#����Iv1�1Ɏ &:">���DG�LvDL�#����It!�1Ɏ �uD�#����gCt1�#b�AHtDL�#���h�b�#�Ɏ &;"&��DG�$;��舘dG��b�#b�ALtDL�#����Iv1�m"ALtD0��dG�$;��舘dG��b�#b�ALtDLZG��c~x]�����}���c,o�^ٵ֥?ʦz�_?��y)�0՗+Xs��Λ���c�b��&��B$��(H F�>bR;������L`$ڣMZ%0�H�D�. 0000483872 00000 n and related 4 70 0000516921 00000 n 0000048968 00000 n However, any stocking event could be postponed or cancelled due to unforeseen problems, such as adverse weather. Fannin Rock creek. Trout will be stocked according to the schedule. If you have questions about Fish Planting activities, please call the Regional Office that covers the area in question. 4 0 obj <> endobj xref Fish from other hatcheries are still being planted in these areas, but the numbers and locations have been greatly reduced. In order to suscribe, you must first login. h�b``pb``�a``�L�ɀ 0000477130 00000 n 0000003294 00000 n Also, members of the public can email questions to hatcherybacteriainfo@wildlife.ca.gov. 0000481802 00000 n While these are the intended fish stocking plans for the year, they will not be guaranteed due to unforeseen circumstances or acts of nature (for example, droughts, fires, or floods). Conditions of Use | Privacy Policy all fish plants are subject to change depending on road, water, weather and operational conditions. 0000464956 00000 n | but rather the general location of the waters being planted. 0000618501 00000 n 0000029288 00000 n 0000001992 00000 n 0000577146 00000 n 0000480792 00000 n 0000471522 00000 n 0000471172 00000 n Trout stocking begins in March and continues through October. %PDF-1.7 %���� See Fish Plants on a Map in our Fishing Guide. Copyright © 2020 State of California, Search by watername, countyname or time period, Sort any column in ascending or descending order by clicking its column heading, Focus your search for water name or county by using the "Search Criteria" link, Export your results to a spreadsheet using the "Export" button, Map any water location using the "Map It" link. 0000521588 00000 n available. 0000466457 00000 n Fannin Toccoa River. The dates listed are all Sundays. 0000467829 00000 n the "provisional" or "conditional" plans for fish stocking for the current calendar year. Stocking schedules in the South Coast Region and Inland Deserts Region will be affected for the remainder of 2020 and into the 2021 calendar year as CDFW works to Frequently Asked Questions. s��Ͷ�1�*�|$���d�a��v�|�4f��a�[�Y����q�1�*�|��2�1�*�l5`�U���p�]'�m���p�1�*�Q�&�厩Va�q L�&3�m�]'��~���iVa��_����Va�\�.�I��0RAֳ_n��N�gC��ncW� G���ݾnRa�1L�&�e����fcJ���q�4�0S���ݾnVa��jf);��]'���d=J8ޮS��l%6��}ݬ”'���=?�U� disinfect and repopulate the hatcheries with fish. Rainbow Trout: CDFW : 9-22-2019: Rainbow Trout: CDFW : 9-08-2019: Rainbow Trout: CDFW : 8-25-2019: Rainbow Trout: CDFW : 8-18-2019: Rainbow Trout: CDFW : Latest Fish Reports. Three CDFW hatcheries in the eastern Sierra and Southern California have had to be depopulated due to a bacterial outbreak. 0000465069 00000 n 0000465837 00000 n 0000476551 00000 n However, any stocking event could be postponed or cancelled due to unforeseen problems, such as adverse weather. 0000465420 00000 n 0000574068 00000 n 0000075123 00000 n ������ CZ��30(13�3�.```�Y��¾�a_��Yf�l��0ձ�o2>�i9�� ��8tX�0�450�1�0��`a�v�x�0�A�A~C�A>�f� L}@�.�:�3��3%ps1x`x���r��!x���=�P���ODt"P��Yi��x+@� ��- endstream endobj 5 0 obj <>>> endobj 6 0 obj <> endobj 7 0 obj >/PageWidthList<0 576.0/1 576.0>>>>>>/Resources<>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 1152.0 756.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 8 0 obj <> endobj 9 0 obj [/ICCBased 22 0 R] endobj 10 0 obj <>stream 0000465972 00000 n 0000514971 00000 n Please enable it in your browser or use a browser that supports it. 0000517170 00000 n 0000515077 00000 n For more information, please refer to the 0000466624 00000 n 0000012662 00000 n 0000564855 00000 n 0000569598 00000 n Listed information: CDFW Region, County, Water Name, Species of Fish, Fish Size at Release, Release Program, Historical Months for Stocking Specified Water, and the Last Date the Specified Water was Stocked (as of date published). �q��>?�����?����ݟs��n���=~~z��2��1�ݾ��������iߗ/�z�b�����5.��v�N��^=߿.v|���< �p��n�����s�n:�~����n�X~9���ˢdž��u�/�8K� CW���Zl��?ξ�I���6�{yC��,��t�ݺ�O���k;{ϵ�=������cz�� �1�{���r��y�.��ߔ��$ι�Ǔ�h� ���s�5�2�r��q�5�2�e��q�o��L��s����2�u.���єI�G�+M��X������ƽ{��7NM�\�ej�8�o���x���q.� 5�s�֨��\�)j�����5� U6�X��~����"���T����!�'�{���b��Ԑ��'%�R��էub,�\�Rٶm���4�wL� News Release Stocking schedules in the South Coast Region and Inland Deserts Region will be affected for the remainder of 2020 and into the 2021 calendar year as CDFW works to disinfect and repopulate the hatcheries with fish. 0000514593 00000 n 0000001696 00000 n 0000049849 00000 n 0000048005 00000 n 0000516596 00000 n 0000483122 00000 n 0000565128 00000 n This dynamic Fish Planting Schedule is updated in real time, directly by CDFW Hatchery staff. 0000515043 00000 n More specific dates are not given to avoid focusing excess fishing activity immediately after a plant. Trout will be stocked according to the schedule. For individual anglers, a daily creel limit of 8 rainbow trout is in place, with a possession limit of 16. Fannin Wilscot creek. 0000515149 00000 n The stocking event will happen within five days after the date listed. 0000471992 00000 n Either your browser does not support javascript or it has been turned off. Trout Stocking schedule for wk of 4/17/17 4/17 Big Creek. 0000057049 00000 n

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