0 1 10. comments. The size 3 saddles also include versions with SuperFlow technology , i.e. If you ‘Google’ Western saddle width fittings you will come across a variance and the following list is regarded as a general guide to gullet sizes: Regular Quarter Horse Bars (RQHB) – 5 3/4ins to 6 1/4ins. Saddle width is approximate to sit bone spacing + 2cm. With leather saddles like a Rivet, you definitely want to add that 2cm, because you do not want to be sitting on the metal frame of the saddle. Pick Your Size Range: Find Your Seat Size: Weight Height Pant Size Ladies Pant Size Gents Saddle Size English Saddle Size Western; 50-100 lbs. The gap is considered the gullet of the saddle. English Saddle Seat Size Calculator Shopping for English Saddles can be confusing, as you need to be able to fit both you and your horse. 5'- 5'5" 4, 6, 8: 24"-32" Waist: 16" or 16.5" 14" or 14.5" 100-170 lbs. 4'10"- 5'2" 0-2: 22"-24" Waist: 15" or 15.5" 13" or 13.5" 85-135 lbs. This is a good rule of thumb for trail and pleasure riding. with an even wider central hole for cyclists who prefer even greater comfort. The width of the gullet determines the saddle’s width. Get the free "Critical/Saddle point calculator for f(x,y)" widget for your website, blog, Wordpress, Blogger, or iGoogle. There’s a lot more to it than just the width, like your weight, pelvis motion, the amount of soft tissue surrounding and your torso angle. FEET TO PEDAL - BUTT TO SADDLE - HAND TO BARS A bike the wrong size or shape does not allow for an optimal fit position to be established. Bike Saddle and Sit Bone Width Isn’t the Holy Grail Even though you now know the right width, the measure of your sit bones and saddle with do not always correlate. A bike that is suitable size and shape for the rider will allow an optimal fit to be achieved. Google came up with a recommendation to add between 20-30mm to the sit bone width to calculate the saddle width. A bike fit is all about adjusting the bike to suit your body, not adapting your body to suit the bike. We recommend you start figuring out what seat size you need as a rider, and you can then start shopping around for a suitable gullet size and fit for your horse. The third size – S3 or L3 – includes saddles with a large central hole, recommended for cyclists with a high pelvic rotation, who develop high levels of pressure on the surface of the saddle. Any recommendations on going with a slightly narrower or wider saddle especially when it comes to the specialized power? This would leave me between the specialized power 143mm and the 155mm. Ropers and barrel racers might want to feel more secure, so a one-finger distance would work. You want to be seated between the edges of the frame. Semi Quarter Horse Bars (SQHB) – 6 1/4ins. If you flip your saddle over and look at the underside, you’ll notice two parallel panels with a gap in the middle. How to Find Your Saddle Seat Size There are many different dressage saddle seat size calculator websites available that can help riders determine what the right saddle size is for them. To determine your seat size, sit in the saddle and see whether you have approximately a two-finger distance between the front swell and your leg. share. These calculators work by taking various measurements around the rider's body and using them to determine the best saddle size. save. Find more Mathematics widgets in Wolfram|Alpha. The saddle width refers to the width of the gullet of the saddle.

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