Thus market intelligence has the involvement of numerous entities. It is the leasing knowledge that makes them exceptionally good at packaging a sales deal. What are their available resources (both internal and external)? They will help you get closer and closer to your customers. To be truly valuable, market intelligence must have six key characteristics: When sourcing market intelligence, category managers have six options; both internal and external. What are your customers’ hobbies and interests… You want to get a representative sample of the audience so that you can identify market trends. This information should be communicated with sales, marketing, and product, and this is an opportunity to share the current state of the market with executives. In our post about marketing intelligence tools, we collected 20 of the best free and premium marketing and competitive intelligence tools you can start using right now. You need to understand the needs and pain points of your market to successfully position your products, execute product launches, and keep internal teams up to date on market trends. Leads. Please try again. Do you want to remain logged in? In which geographic markets will а concrete product be the most successful? Information becomes intelligence when it’s analyzed. Definition, meaning, and goals. Description: Marketing intelligence is usually the first data set analysed by a company about a specific market. Here are some places to source product reviews. Market Intelligence vs Market Information. That says that the salespeople, agents, and property valuers working on commercial property should be sharing information regards property deals. Conducting interviews with your customers can give you insight that you wouldn’t get from a survey or a group setting. Are their customers satisfied? That can then be a significant advantage as you create the marketing campaigns for each property promotion. What do they offer, and how has it evolved over time? Targeting companies Sources of market intelligence 2. Category managers have a number of broad options when it comes to sourcing this information. Analyzing information involves activities such as using appropriate software systems, dashboards, data visualization tools, BI reporting tools, different types of graphs and charts and etc. In contrast, market intelligence focuses on specific classes of customers, including demographic and geographic information and what they buy, all of which can help inform an analysis of business intelligence. The Internet Intelligence Index also lists more than 600 such sources to keep tabs on. The questions and answers on Quora are so robust, you can see what people are already talking about, or you can pose your own questions and gain specific market research. How does their product development process work? Is there something you hadn’t considered about your customers? How do customers perceive their quality? It’s much easier to ask open-ended questions and let them voice their opinions when it’s an interview rather than having them outline it in a survey. ", If your company is large enough, you may be able to hire a market intelligence analyst. These are good reasons why social media intelligence is becoming one of the key types of marketing intelligence. Discussion websites such as Quora or Reddit are home to endless threads of market questions, concerns, and competitor comparisons. The key source for understanding your target personas is from your customers themselves. So the best sources of market intelligence come from the actual deals being made. Into what demographic segments can the company push new and existing products. Before players ever set foot on the field, coaches have gathered all the stats, studied game tapes, and assessed their opponents' strengths and weaknesses. Hosting Customer and/or Prospect Focus Groups. Deren Baker is the CEO of Jumpshot, a San Francisco-based startup that offers marketing analytics solutions tailored for the travel, retail, media, financial, and e-commerce industries. Here we will see the main of them. What is their sales team like? Target Markets. As you already guess, competitor intelligence is the process of collecting and analyzing information about competitors. All rights reserved. It also helps the client to commit to your services based on experience and proven evidence. What are the upcoming technology solutions that will dominate the market over the next years? Take what you know about your consumers' behaviors -- like the finding that consumers tend to comparison shop and visit up to five websites per search -- and modify your pricing and SEO strategy to optimize your marketing initiatives. The goal of it is to understand customer motivations, beliefs, intentions, preferences, and perceptions. Types and examples of market intelligence. Gathering and keeping track of all the information needed for market intelligence can be very time-consuming. Competitive intelligence allows these companies to remain agile and avoid industry surprises. They also learn from clinical trials, medical journals, and competitors' marketing strategies. What are the current technical requirements and expectations of your customers? What is the competitor news? In rapidly developing industries such as the tech sector, companies gain significant advantages by learning what their rivals are improving or developing and using that intelligence to inform their own future products. Examples of topics, areas, and key points that your competitor profile should contain: When it comes to collecting information about your competitors, it a best practice to uncover as much as you can. What are their current and potential target market? Looking for patterns and then testing different content, taglines, signposts and offers uses market intelligence to improve the offer. Selecting companies • Commercial databases • Business newspapers • Chamber of commerce directories • Lists of fairs / exhibitions participants • Up/downstream industry companies • Networking hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(2355195, '2083e697-6ad4-4c17-914f-9f2b49f47709', {}); Conducting market research likely feels impossible if you don’t have the right market research tools. Pharmaceutical companies have saved or made millions of dollars by speeding up the development of drugs in response to competitors, divesting drugs made unprofitable by the competition, and walking away from deals. Looking at help sites, support pages, and even social media support accounts can give you the intel you need. How much are they willing to spend on your types of products? Popular software options for companies in need of a business intelligence system include Pentaho and Sisense. Product intelligence is gaining a strong popularity among marketers and sales professionals, especially those who are involved in the retail industry today. You will be logged out in 60 seconds. International Commercial Real Estate Agent, Conference Speaker, Author, Broadcaster. Competitors' blogs, too, are great sources of CI. In general, business intelligence refers to a broader information set about customers and product lines, such as how many products were shipped, the total number of sales in a month and other transactions occurring within a business. One of the key reasons the leading businesses (such as Amazon) are so successful is their collection, analysis, insights, and right use of data for the decision making. But a victory isn't just in the players' hands. How many check out? The sources of competitive business intelligence are varied. At its core, market intelligence uses multiple sources of information to create a broad picture of the company's existing market, customers, problems, competition, and growth potential for new products and services. What is their marital status? If your company can’t adapt to the ever-changing market dynamics, there are real risks of getting out of the market. A successful social media intelligence strategy allows you to reach the right people at the right time with a great and insightful content and offers. What is their next step after arriving? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The six characteristics of great market intelligence – and where to source it, The right market intelligence can play a key role in procurement’s elevation to a strategic function. In fact, when it comes to social media, review boards, or support threads, you can arm your marketing team with intel and have them enter the conversations to give valuable insight.

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