How much time depends on the thickness of the meat, how many slabs you are cooking and the temperature of the grill. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. She has taken graduate courses in biochemistry and education. Just make sure that if your gas grill is running closer to 300 F that they aren’t done in the third hour. And you know what? Deflecting the heat is going to require a modification. The baby back ribs or also known as the pork loin ribs are actually the upper part of the rib that was cut from where the loin is removed. You’ll have to remove the center grate(s) to put this deflector in. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Season the ribs on both sides with salt and pepper or your favorite rub. Your cooking time will vary depending on grill temperature, how often you lift the lid and the outdoor temperature. This was my first time doing this, so I had to tweak where I had the ribs and my burner settings. Also, the meat should be pulled back about 1" from the ends of the bones. Place the ribs away from the direct fire. Cook baby back ribs over indirect heat using only the back burner or a side burner. The ideal temperature is 225F at the GrillGrates which will … Start by removing the silver skin, that thin, tough membrane that covers the back of the ribs. And you still get terrific, tender, moist ribs. You want the spot where the ribs are to be around 250 F. And not much more. You can also make delicious St Louis-style ribs on a smoker or Char-Broil Big Easy! During this time, preheat the grill to approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit, then begin preparing the meat. Most likely, you’ll have a hard time keeping your gas grill at temperatures this low. And so I did. Now that I know the right placement and gas knob settings, I’ll be able to make these ribs again and again without any fuss at all. Just poke a few holes in it and put it over a lit burner. If you don’t have a smoke box you can use a foil packet filled with wood chips. Allow the sauce to cook for two to four minutes on each side, then repeat the saucing, adding another thin layer. Fire up your gas grill for cooking at 250 F. You will need to cook the ribs over indirect heat, so only light some of the burners. Now, the proper temperature to cook any barbecue at is between 200 F and 250 F. Cooking spareribs on a gas grill is no different. Ribs cooked on a gas grill are fantastic. No, you can’t get that deep smoky flavor that you get from smoking them for 5 hours. Remove, let cool 10 times, slice and serve. It should be tender. You don’t need to have such a big gas grill to make these ribs, but you do need one that’s big enough to hold the ribs and one that you can over indirect heat on. When you take them off the grill, I like to cover them with foil for 10 minutes before cutting into them. Cuisinart Griddler Add the vinegar to the 'bowl'. Will they be as good as the ribs I cook on my other grills? I found that my ribs were a bit too far away from my heat source (I was running around 200 F), so I moved them one burner to the right. Sprinkle the ribs with the brown sugar and top with pats of the butter. I’ll let you look that one up on your own. It’s also a good time to put a coating of your favorite BBQ sauce on. My preference is the recipe for the best ribs in the universe. Barbecue Pit Boys: Baby Back Ribs Barbecue. Wingin’ator 3000 Main Dishes Copyright © 2020 Home eguide, All Right Reserved. Grab the edge and pull the membrane away from the ribs. Don’t worry about constantly adding smoke wood. Season the ribs with the rub, on both sides. So listen up! One slab of ribs will need approximately three to four hours to cook to the tender stage. And you still get terrific, tender, moist ribs. Brush the tops with the sauce. With 4 and 5 burners, you have a few more options that I won’t itemize for you. Learn how your comment data is processed. Don’t worry about soaking them. On a grill that means not using all the burners. I used my Weber Summit S-670 grill. At this point, you can remove them from the grill to serve with sauce on the side, or you can add sauce and continue to cook until the sauce is caramelized. If you are considering cooking outside during the summer, then try grilling spare ribs on your gas grill. The water will help to control the temperature since it boils off at 212 F. It will also help keep moisture in the grill so the ribs don’t dry out. Nothing will be perfect. click the link to see how to turn spareribs into St. Louis-style ribs. Some cooks allow the ribs to marinate in the dry rub for an additional hour or two, even overnight. You will be totally happy with these St Louis-style ribs. Once you get your gas adjusted so your temperature is 225-250 F you don’t really have to mess with it any more. We’re going to review how you cook spareribs on a gas grill for those that have never done it. She writes two electronic newsletters and has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Clemson University. Let the ribs and rub sit for 1 hour at room temperature to allow the rub to season and penetrate the meat. Continue until the ribs are sauced to your preference and the sauce is caramelizing on the ribs, approximately 10 to 20 minutes. I generally use chips on the gas grill, but chunks will work fine too. On my 3 burner, it’s nearly impossible to get below 300 F. So you’ll have to watch your ribs closely. Once cool enough to grab hold, slice between the ribs for single rib servings. The good news is that you can, in fact, cook the perfect, most tender rack of ribs on your gas grill and impress all of your guests. Flip them over, then sauce the over side. Well, once I get something in my head, it’s not going away until I do it. While mouthwatering ribs take time, once started they need only occasional attention, giving you plenty of time to prepare the perfect sides. They are shorter hence it is referred to as a baby. I used my Weber Summit S-670 grill. These contain less meat than baby back ribs, but they contain more fat which makes them perfect for smoking. Simply slip a thin knife blade beneath the membrane and loosen an edge. Grilling Great Ribs with GrillGrates on a Gas Grill; It is important to know how low your grill will run consistently. I filled the smoke box with apple wood pellets. It’s a large grill, to say the least. One on the left side, one on the right side, and if you need more room, you can use the warming rack. Fold the foil around the ribs and seal tightly. Make sure you check the water level after an hour or so. But you get close. Spiral Slicer You don’t need to have such a big gas grill to make these ribs, but you do need one that’s big enough to hold the ribs … Free Big Easy eCookbook Get Set Up. I sure was. Keep the temperature low, approximately 225 F, once the ribs are on the grill. Which made me wonder… can it be done? To sauce the ribs, turn all of the burners to medium and baste the ribs in sauce. Poke the meat between the bones. Close the lid and cook another 15 minutes to set the sauce. I recommend taking notes on your setup so you can use the same process the next time. Remove ribs from the foil and place directly onto the grill, but still over indirect heat. is an associate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to accommodate a system for sites to receive advertising fees by advertising & associating to Amazon properties. One thing about smoking is that there is a point where it no longer takes, so most of the smoke is achieved in the early part of the cook. There are actually two kinds of ribs o choose from, the baby back ribs and the spareribs. It’s a large grill, to say the least. Food Trucks If you have a gas grill, you may feel as though you lack the proper equipment to make perfect ribs. I had three burners lit: the two furthest to the right that you can see and the one under my smoke box. Yes, I have charcoal grills and I have a smoker, but not everyone else does. Return to the grill and continue to cook for 1 hour 15 minutes at 250 F. Carefully open the foil (steam will escape and it will be HOT!).

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