In addition to this list of the best Theros Beyond Death cards for Standard, be sure to check out our other MtG guides here. While that remains to be seen, the time is right to engage in everyone’s favorite new set pastime of speculating! I’ve seen some Legacy players do some truly nasty things with this card but I just don’t think Modern is the right home for it when it comes to combo styles. With that in mind, this MtG card will be mainly sit in sideboards, but when you face an aggro deck, then it will play the most important role in your match-up, allowing you to draw cards and clear the board at the same time. Top 5 Theros Beyond Death Cards for Modern Heliod, Sun-Crowned. Its ability to allow additional land drops is obviously appealing for ramp decks (most importantly, Titanshift), but the Prismatic Omen effect is really what puts this card over the edge. Michael Rapp is a Modern specialist who favors Thoughtseize decks. When paired with lifegain creatures like Soul Warden and Serra’s Ascendant, innocuous one-drops can get out of hand very quickly. Surely other players looked at this as skeptically as I did... Ox of Agonas. Plus, if you can get five white devotion, Heliod is a real attacker and quite hard to race given the activated ability. A lifegain God seeing play in Modern? This is a great choice for blue-white control decks during mirror matches or against highly aggressive opponents. In this regard, it is very similar to Geist of Saint Traft, a Modern and Legacy staple, which is a remarkable card that has been a favorite of many Magic players for many years. Ox of Agonas seems to be a perfect fit for Modern Dredge. This kind of removal won't be good against other decks with huge creatures, but if you're playing against aggro that rarely has creatures with 4 points of power, then Shatter the Sky will be really impactful. This will be the … I would expect that it is more realistically a one-of in UW Control (and similar) sideboards. Exiling eight cards to return Ox to the battlefield can be tricky, but Dredge will likely find room for 1-2 copies in of our new farmland friend. Blue and white have always been associated with the control archetype in MtG. Brine Giant. Gray Merchant of Asphodel has been one of the most valuable cards in mono-black Modern decks for a very long time, and it will do just as fine in the current Standard season. Thassa’s Oracle is very close to being a clean upgrade to Laboratory Maniac in all the decks that want it outside of Grishoalbrand. Constellation is a returning keyword in Theros Beyond Death that interacts heavily with enchantments. “Draw three cards” could, in the best case, translate to Dredge 15 (enabled by multiple Stinkweed Imps) which not only enables your deck to do what it does best but also provides plenty of fodder to Escape Ox of Agonas a second time and do it all over again. Alseid of Life's Bounty. Here our the five cards that I would expect to have the greatest impact on Modern. Heliod, Sun-Crowned provides yet another combo route for creature combo decks looking to utilize Walking Ballista as a win condition. However, this could work very efficiently against Fires of Invention decks that have been dominating Standard for some time now. That's not bad, but this card also has Escape, a brand-new mechanic, which costs 4 mana and 5 exiled cards. Surely other players looked at this as skeptically as I did at first, but Heliod has grown on me. This means that your opponents will not be able to cast your best spell for free, and you will still be allowed to keep five of the six cards you've drawn. And that's a win-win situation! That means this creature can only be killed with non-creature spells. There are also new enchantments in Theros Beyond Death, which is why you will find so many enchantment-based synergy cards, including Sagas and cards with the Constellation mechanic. Two decks that would love this effect are Ad Nauseam and the Underworld Breach combo deck mentioned above. They could easily splash white for the Staggering Insight and make the archetype do wonders once again. Unlike some other God creatures in Magic, Heliod is not considered a creature when your devotion requirement is not met. It costs only 1 mana more, but it has the same power if you count both draw step and attack steps. If you think I nailed these predictions — or that I missed something — be sure to let me know on Twitter at @RappaciousOne. Active effects that nullify the Ironscale Hydra's effect, such as Questing Beast's passive, may also work. Banishing Light. Taranika, Akroan Veteran, in combination with Swiftblade Vindicator, can deal 11 damage in total on turn three. Most of them also fit in red and green, so Gallia should definitely be considered a new potential bomb in the upcoming meta. It’s relatively easy to put a lot of your own cards into the graveyard in Modern, but you need to have a payoff.

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