Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emer... Corporate Social Performance in Strategic Governance and Stakeholder Dimensions: Evidence of In... KURUMSAL SOSYAL SORUMLULUK ÜZERİNE BİR LİTERATÜR TARAMASI. This way, Microsoft is helping to cultivate a future generation that will be able to comprehend technology well enough to continue its improvement. Corporate social responsibility and bank customer satisfaction: A research agenda, Corporate social responsibility: A three-domain approach, Dimensions of corporate social responsibility: An analytical framework, The evolution of the corporate social performance model, Ethical challenges for business in the new millennium: Corporate social responsibility and models of management morality, A stakeholder framework for analyzing and evaluating corporate social performance, The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits, Addressing a theoretical problem by reorienting the social performance model, Creating corporate accountability: Foundational principles to make corporate citizenship real, Parallel universes: Companies, academics and the progress of corporate citizenship, The corporate social performance–financial performance link, REVESCO. Appendix 2: Corporate social responsibility organizations 88 Appendix 3: Key international CSR instruments 93 Appendix 4: Non-governmental CSR-related codes and standards initiatives 98 Appendix 5: National CSR guidance 102 Further reading 103 Corporate Social Responsibility… For example, pyramid model was studied not only as interpreted and stated by Carroll but also by other researchers who used the idea or developed upon that idea. Find out more about our mouthwatering cookies here. Although several models have been proposed and modified since the 1950s, the question still remains whether an evolutionary line can be established as far as their practicability is concerned. View or download all content the institution has subscribed to. Perhaps, this is how the statist model would get consolidated, because of the addition of attributes like more refined regulations, penalties or reporting initiatives. The stakeholder model has evolved over the years and as a result has become attractive. Whether you’re still putting together a CSR strategy or you’re looking at boosting your current one, there are a few options available to help you achieve your goals of being a more socially responsible business. Even before the concept of modelling CSR initiatives according to priorities or liabilities or even responsibilities came into the picture, Ackerman proposed his model that was laid down in three phases (Ackerman & Bauer, 1976). Given the general approach of consumers towards corporate responsibility, the steadfast negligence of Walmart does not bode well. business organization. The 3C-SR model is highly attractive and has a high acceptance owing to its three dimensions. Some society journals require you to create a personal profile, then activate your society account, You are adding the following journals to your email alerts, Did you struggle to get access to this article? This site uses cookies. The statist model has evolved well and has been adopted now. Some of the world’s most successful companies are committed to philanthropy for the betterment of the broader community. As the world moved towards globalization, new concepts such as social responsibility and sustainability or social responsibility and financial performance were understood to be the two faces of the same coin. The data, tabulated by using the above parameters, was analyzed in order to come up with two conclusions: first, to project a worthy and optimal model and second, to establish the converging trend of CSR. A simple example that can be cited in this regard is that of a case where an individual officer with a prominent portfolio constitutes a CSR committee and takes up certain CSR activities to be implemented, while the officer who succeeds him in a few months’ time pays no heed to the man-hours that were already put into implementing those activities and decides to roll back and stop such initiatives just because he might not have any interest in them. Owing to its typical economic structure, the CSR–CFP relationship in the liberal model would no doubt be positive. The ethical model is highly attractive as people readily accept favours coming from big corporates.

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