I fell aleep about 30 minute after dinking it. XS Tropical Blast (caffeine free) Primer Caffeinated Breath Spray Just read the labels and take in moderation and most people will be fine. Ol Glory Got a real good hiper out of it. This drink is fantastic, I can drink a whole can and not feel any ill effects and in fact, I feel great. This is a bodybuilding supplement, its not for you average joes to just drink like a redbull. It advised that you drink 1/2 at once, so do it! I had also skipped dinner the night before. I drank 3 cans of this one night, and... my balls endured major shrinkage. Hydrive V - Citrus Burst Who's Your Daddy Green Tea Feel Good 7 Nano Coffee Shark - Sugarfree At first I thought, it's just another red bull. Kronik READ the Label. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Soda I cut all out cold turkey once and still slept crappy). Just so you know, my and a few of my friends each had at least two(some three) of these within a twenty minute time frame, and didnt really get sick. Cintron Citrus Mango (sugar free) my face started melting and my gums were bleeding the room was spinning out of control... wait that's just me going over-board like everyone else here. lol you guys are funny. Spike® Hardcore Energy 24 (16 oz) Hardcore Energy – With Great Taste! This thing is amazing. Kaboom Orange Buzz Lo-Carb Energy Drink Well.. whoever says this is too powerful is wrong. Caballo Negro - Zero Carb Yet no one protects these 10 and 12 year olds from purchasing this product? 5 Hour Energy Shot - Grape !PS.I hope since writting this review you've tried the Spike Shooter. Caballo Negro I drank the whole amount at 11am...I am still messed up. Havoc Now, I'm no stranger to energy drinks, so I'm familiar with the common active ingredients out there, one of them being vitamin b-12. Bomba Ruby Red One can is all I need for a 6-8 hour boost. Get your answers by asking now. I used to drink two of these plus a smaller scale energy drink like Amp or Monster a night... After a few weeks I developed a dependency and the side effects were basically causing me to sleep for 12 hours at a time, now I've cut back drastically, I have maybe two or three spikes a month. !/(DRINK SPIKE)/! Chck the site(t-nation.com).It's a hardcore bodybuild.There's rec on using Insulin, roids, etc.They used to sell an ephedra/caff stimulant that was THE BEST stimulant in the world(now banned).300mg isnt overwhelming but when u start mixing it w/other stimlants it could b trbl 4those not used 2it. 4athletes not just avg. Liquid Lightning I do drink energy drinks on a regular basis (about 1 every other day or so) and have taken other caffeine pills like vivarin and no-doze so I am not as sensitive as some people out there. Though in all truth people need to realize they're limitations and stop being stupid. Energy - Berry Flavor Whey UP Protein - Tropical Citrus savy? Guru Lite Go Girl - Glo If you haven't had the drink, or if you don't like energy drinks, don't drink them. This stuff is great, if u cant handle it, dont drink it. Wired - XXX Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Which water brand tastes better? Anyone that says SPIKE is too strong are bitches i drink 3 a day an go to bed at 7pm an i agree if u think there too strong then dont buy it. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. haha. DO NOT TAKE WITH ANY OTHER STIMULANT OR WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT OR ANY PRESCRIPTION OR OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICINE. I mean the taste is average, but who really needs that much caffeine? Who's Your Daddy Green Tea - Sugar Free You buy a gallon of milk, do you drink it in one sitting?Use in moderation, as with anything, and everyone wins. 8 and i have to do a health project on A type of energy drink. This drink is not going to far, I am a single mother of two young boys I have a full time job and go to college at night. All In - Grape The problem lies with the person drinking it. If you don't like it don't drink it! What about the moral commitment to our kids? i was looking at the energy drink Spike Shotgun online i looked up where to buy it but all i can find are 24 packs for like 70 bucks i need to know if u can buy single spike shotguns and where. Boxes and APO/FPO addresses. If you just read the label you will be fine. Function Alternative Energy This could have killed him. ? GO SPIKE!!! I then drank one and it was very good (a raspberry code red kind of taste) and was pleased with the taste and it has had the highest kick out of anything I've ever drank, besides the 20 shot espresso i had at starbucks once, I used to drink Full Throttle but it has no effect on me, even the 24oz cans, I guess I have a very high caffeine tolerance so I downed the second can after reading the label as it says and I had relentless energy and was twitching a little but I love the stimulant feel so I dont freak out about it. I haven't had a rush like this since the first time I drank a MONSTER XXL. That having been said, this is a very well-rounded energy drink. i love these things. Jitsu - Apple i watched a kid who weighs only 140 lbs drink two in a row with me and he couldn't stop shaking for four hours. (My fault though.)

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