What his followers, therefore, had heard and learned of him, they could declare with certain knowledge of its truth. To such sayings of his Master we may trace the mournful reflections which are again and again made by the Evangelist (see John 1:11, John 3:32, John 12:37). καί, and, has the meaning here of and yet (John 1:10). https:https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/pet/john-3.html. "E.W. There the message which John's readers had heard was a doctrinal one, the theological foundation for their faith that rests in the character of God. Every successful minister of the gospel thus becomes a witness of the saving power of the gospel. (W. H. H. But if the verbal expression of Christianity is thus positive, what language is adequate to describe the positiveness of, II. Comp. The ideas become clearer and clearer. 11.] 1599-1645. Love is sacrificing ourselves for the gain of others. The readers heard it from the beginning, since it was among the first things inculcated in their hearts as believers, and not only so but it had been constantly repeated. Rather than see their own wickedness and repent, they hate those who expose their evil ways. "Commentary on John 3:11". 1. Sometimes our consciences still bother us because we know we have done wrong. Perhaps some have thought that because Christians talk about a “personal relationship with Jesus Christ” that it is only us and Jesus who matter. Our actions tell everything about who are truly God’s and who are not. BibliographyJohnson, Barton W. "Commentary on John 3:11". We ought to be fortified with this shield, that we may persevere in obedience to the Gospel in opposition to the obstinacy of men. That each soul is His child and subject. This is needed now for the true efficiency of religion. BibliographyClarke, Adam. The words of Nicodemus himself (John 3:2), in which he had called Him teacher in consideration of His miracles, not of His teaching itself (John 3:2), showed how little His word had found access to hearts. We speak - Jesus here speaks in the plural number, including himself and those engaged with him in preaching the gospel. The other is, that they who, in the present day, disbelieve the Gospel, will not escape with impunity, since the truth of God is holy and sacred. https:https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/jab/john-3.html. The supposition, that Christ here spoke in the plural of Himself alone, according to the manner of princes, is opposed even by the form of the expression. Even its invitations suggest the tension of anxiety, and its entreaties come to our ears impelled by the urgency of anxious and infinite affection. BibliographyPett, Peter. A presentiment of this might have been had already at the time of the deputation of the Sanhedrim to John (John 1:19 ff.). ), had given Him the measure of that which awaited Him. We beat ourselves up for not doing better. There is one differencing point, the point of motive, where the world’s people and God’s divide. "Commentary on John 3:11". According to Knapp, Hofmann, Luthardt, Weiss, etc., Jesus, when speaking thus, thinks only of Himself and John the Baptist. This is the great commandment of God. Then its certainty will be felt in proportion to what he has found of peace and gladness. "Commentary on John 3:11". Notice that John does not pass this off to the church to first deal with the situation. In the main, that only is expressed which the whole true Church of Christ may declare together with her Lord, and which especially every upright teacher may repeat after Him. His example, John says, is not at all to be followed by Christians. We are striving to be pleasing to God and therefore we confidently pray to God. He laid down his life for us. We are staying in the place of being spiritually dead, separated from God and not in a relationship with God. ‘You’ (plural) are Nicodemus and his co-religionists. 1. People will come and claim to love God but do not show that love by what they do. Both doctrine and ethics are at the heart of the gospel because they are so inextricably linked. In the declaration, however, is implied a paraenesis. From the very beginning, that is, from the very first time they heard the Gospel, John's readers knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what God would expect and would empower them to do: love one another… And any gospel you believe, any gospel you proclaim that does not include both doctrine and ethics is only half a gospel, tragically incomplete, radically distorted, hopelessly deficient. Joseph Benson's Commentary. One of the purposes of our community groups is to know each other better so we can love each other like John is commanding. 1832. The prophets told of the coming Kingdom, and even though no one expected what God was doing (1 Corinthians 2:9), they should have been able to see how the prophecies were coming true in Christ. Were the disciples present and are they included? The contrast marked here by Jesus between the rabbinical teaching and His own struck even the people; comp. The reason why Cain killed Abel was because his own actions were evil while Abel’s actions were righteous. Before unfolding to Nicodemus what He knows and what He sees of the things above, Jesus sadly reverts to the manner in which His testimony has been received by the leaders of the theocracy: "And ye receive not our testimony." The Biblical Illustrator. (Exalting Jesus in 1, 2, 3 John (Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary), William Barclay adds "We can tell what a tree is by its fruits, and similarly we can tell what a man or woman is by that person’s conduct. Every contemporaneous and collateral witness adds to this assurance. To this we must answer, that it is the only Son of God, who is here speaking, showing us how the Father is in the Son, and the Son in the Father, and the Holy Ghost proceeding from both.

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