This pack of 12 cooler sleeves from Quality Perfection is a no-frills, highly colorful option that won't set your wallet back too much if you lose a few here and there. Here, the 14 best koozies you can buy based on your sipping style. Buy it: CM Soft Neoprene Slim Can Sleeves, $12/pack of 4; But it also happens to have dozens of five-star reviews for how well it insulate the bottles — both from outside temperatures and accidental bumps or bangs. Plus, you can pick from more than a dozen colors and prints to match your insulator sleeve to your outfit or coffee-loving spirit. Amazon, Credit: $13). we may earn commissions to It is a more durable, more flexible, better insulating product. Made from double-walled steel that resists condensation, it works with most standard-sized cans and boasts a rubber grip that makes it easy to put on and take off. If a bottle does happen to break as the result of a summer faux pas, however, it’s likely that much of the glass will be contained within koozie and not strewn about near your sandal-clad feet. We’ve selected options in a host of materials and styles, including heavy-duty and no-frills picks, capable of holding a range of cans or bottles. While this koozie certainly serves its primary function thanks to an insulating layer of neoprene, the BottleKeeper is also designed to protect your beer from the harsh conditions of outdoor drinking. These make great gifts if you're getting away for a weekend with friends, too. Once the cans or bottles are out of the safe shelter of a cooler or insulated picnic basket, you're going to need all the help you can get keeping your drink ice cold. We rounded up the best drink holders that look good, work great, and keep your hands dry so you can focus on your day in the sun, picnic, or your backyard relaxing. This design is easier than most to load and drink from, and if you finish your drink within an hour you still get top insulation performance. Only issue is that it's hard to stop playing with," one reviewer wrote. ", Buy it: BrüMate Winesulator Wine Canteen, $35; The flexible material adjusts to the bottle's shape so different figures fit cozily. Skip to the best drink koozy on Amazon. Because even the best coolers can only chill drinks while the cans are in them. An Amazon best seller, this Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go comes with all the pieces to make a beer bottle koozie, or you can take a few pieces away for it to fit a can. For a budget-friendly alternative to the Yeti, there's the Thermos Insulator, a simple sweat-proof model that's relatively sturdy. I have one that I also use for water! When users buy our independently chosen editorial The BottleKeeper also comes in a various sizes to accommodate 12-ounce bottles, stubby 12-ounce bottles, and various bomber bottles. Koozies are available in virtually any style or size. Constructed to be extremely versatile, the BrüMate Hopsulator Trio (about $25) holds 16-ounce cans, but also boasts an adapter pack that enables it to snugly hold 12-ounce drinks, too. $29) can accommodate most average beer bottles and is a great choice for slow drinkers, since it has a cap that screws on to keep your beverage fresh. You need to keep the Chillsner in the freezer for about 45 minutes before, though, before you insert into a beer bottle of your choice. For those who'd prefer a non-metal choice, we kept the QualityPerfection Premium. They offer a snug fit strengthened with black fabric trim, and are an ideal alternative to coasters, as they won't sweat and leave rings on your precious dining room table. They are also more expensive. Buy it: Java Sok Iced Coffee Cup Insulator Sleeve, $12; These Fridge Freezable (about $19) use soft foam insulation and built-in gel packs to maintain the glacial temperature of your brewski from the first sip to the last. 99 which will be the same as any direct visitor to the merchant’s website. Whether you are sipping a tasty beer at a summer barbecue or simply want to keep your beverage cold as you run errands, these drink koozies will insulate your favorite refreshment and keep both your hands and tabletops dry. It has a soft neoprene body that feels good in the hand and is flexible for compact storage. Where other koozie brands stop at the standard 12-ounce can size, BrüMate keeps going.

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