If you're looking to move to a place where your dollar goes further, seriously consider Apache Junction. The average home here goes for approximately $275,000, and seniors make up 11% of the population. That’s less than a 20-degree shift all year. to April generally remain in the ideal range of 65 to 85 degrees. During the summer, hop on the chairlift ride, offered daily, for unparalleled views of the evergreen forest, red rocks, and even the Grand Canyon. Plus there's little rain, typically fewer than 20 inches a year. Rain is common in certain months (even in Mexico). It has both affordable homes and rents for places like it in Arizona. Desert climate all year long (with constant temperatures). Once rainy weather comes by, it gets even lower – so you get an arthritis flare-up. In their free time, retirees can expect to enjoy outdoor parks or professional-level live performances at the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts. Consisting of a cross between urban and suburban, the average home in Galveston sits at $295,000. My husband works from home, so commuting won’t be a problem. There are few days during the summer when the humidity becomes unpleasant. Need a break from the gorgeous outdoors? You can't beat the south and central California coast for pleasant temperatures year round. Depending on your preference for hot weather, Georgia could rank above Florida on the list of top 10 states for best weather. Here, the average low comes to 52 degrees, with high averages of 90 degrees that keep you in the water. Portland Oregon gets slightly chillier with average lows of 36 degrees in winter, but will suit retirees who still enjoy witnessing the seasons year-round. I admit that it’s really hot here, probably all year long. Temperatures don’t change a lot, but humidity does. That’s the main reason why I recommend the northern part of the state –. I totally agree that Las Vegas and San Diego are expensive places – but their climate is great. 6. And out of all the cities – Sevilla seems the best for OA. Living in Hilo, you have access to several stunning views. These places usually receive 45 to 50 inches of rain a year. Please let me know if you need any other advice. A mere 6 miles from Hollywood, you’re bound to run into the occasional celebrity. The cost of living is a bit higher here with the average home listed at $416,000. Tempe. In the winter, soak up pristine blue skies and snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding and sledding. Hope this helps. In addition to the heat, it’s sunny a whopping 73% of the year in Los Angeles. In fact, Key West is famous for fishing and its gorgeous coral reef systems that you can scuba dive. Even though there’s little snow, temperatures do decrease. Another one of the best warm weather places to retire is Hot Springs, Arkansas. On the other hand, California has more hospitals and specialized centers, which may be an advantage. Inches of rain are the total average rainfalls for a year. Remaining in the tropical paradise that is Hawaii, there’s another contender that makes the list of best warm weather places to retire. Whether you're choosing your next vacation spot, looking for the best place to retire, or planning a move to a new state, you'll probably want to think about the weather. It only makes sense that you’d want to retire somewhere warm. It’s easy to walk and there are plenty of other transportation options available. Seniors can also enjoy the robust public transportation. Those who are 65+ make up 12.3% of the population. Read on to learn about the 11 best warm weather places to retire. Good luck! US states were evaluated for temperature, rain and sun. But the sun does shine, with Lake Charles being sunny 72 percent of the time. Your email address will not be published. Due to its touristy nature, there are also plenty of fun attractions. Tucson excels Hello, I am presently living in the NW. That is if you ever finish trying out Lafayette’s restaurants and farmers markets, which are plenty. Located next to two volcanoes, one of which is active, Hilo can be intimidating. I wish I had the money to be able to move her to one of these locations, especially Darwin, Australia but unfortunately funds are very low at the moment so she will just have to stick with the medication and sunbeds for now but I will be sending her the link to this post so she can take a look at it herself.

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