Enjoy a rich, delicious twist on your favorite chocolate-covered, crispy wafered candy bar. Nine bars of two crispy wafer fingers covered with mint flavoured dark chocolate (66%). The slightly less good news is that you will have to wait until December 2019 to try it in all of its full minty glory — but seeing as this is poised to become a permanent Kit Kat offering, the months will be more than well worth the wait. The crunchy candy, named Kit Kat Duos, comes with their signature wafer covered in mint crème on top and dark chocolate on the bottom. But in recent years, the candy bar has been expanding its unique offerings to even more countries. It has also started selling thinner peanut butter cups and a combination Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar with Reese’s Pieces. Basically, Kit Kats, but make it fashion. If you are a true Kit Kat stan, you'll know that although this may be the first new flavor shakeup in nearly a decade, there are all kinds of Kit Kat flavors that have been launched internationally. $10.80 $ 10. 2.4 oz, Kit Kat Halloween Snack Size Wafer Bars, 10.19 Oz, Japanese Kit-Kat Mini Autumn Sweet Potato 11 bars chocolate, Japanese Kit Kat Strawberry Cheeze Cake Box 4.2oz (9 Mini Bar), Kit Kat Apple Pie Flavor (Halloween version) (12 bars), Nestlé Kit Kat Assorted 24 types (1 each) 24 in total KitKat Japan Import, Hershey's, Kit Kat, & Reese's Christmas Candy Bulk Chocolate Variety Pack, 5 Pounds, Fun Size, 265 Pieces, 20 Japanese Kit Kat & Tirol Chocolate Gift bag Japanese candy, Japanese Kit Kat 16 pcs TONOSAMA selection, ALL DIFFERENT FLAVORS. It’s the first time in nearly a decade a new flavor has been added to the Kit Kat lineup. Though many flavors of Kit Kats (including a mint-flavored one), have been sold in Japan for years, they typically have not been available in the US. Mint dark chocolate might not seem as adventurous as the Japanese selection (they sell everything from matcha to sake to strawberry cheesecake Kit Kats), but the U.S. could be aiming to catch up. Dark Chocolate and mint creme make a sensational pair in this new version of the crunchy break-time snack you love. Kit-Kats are known for their seemingly endless selection of flavors. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. Hershey’s has released other Kit Kat flavors including strawberry, but the flavors were limited-edition. few rounds on Instagram when images of it leaked. Looking for smart ways to get more from life? The brand launched "millennial-pink Kit Kats" in the UK, Japan, and South Korea in 2018 and debuted Red Velvet Kit Kats in the US for Valentine's Day 2019. By Ana Calderone April 24, 2019 08:00 AM Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Buy Now. Multipack of 9 Kit Kat 2 Finger chocolate biscuits. 8 Sat Fat (g) 19 Sugars (g) 25 Sodium (mg) Many feel that mint and chocolate are as perfectly paired as peanut butter and jelly or rock and roll. In Japan the Kit Kat brand (actually produced by Nestle) includes hundreds of flavor combinations such as wasabi, melon and purple sweet potato. Unfortunately, you’ll have to be patient. Kit Kat Duos, Mint & Dark Chocolate Candy, 1.5 Ounce (24 Count) Kit Kat Milk Chocolate Candy Bar, 1.5 Oz Bars (Pack of 36) KitKat Miniatures Crisp Wafers, Dark Chocolate Snack Size (Pack of 2 Pounds) KIT KAT ® DUOS Mint and Dark Chocolate Standard Bar, 1.5 oz KIT KAT® DUOS Mint & Dark Chocolate Bars deliver a refreshing new taste. Nutrition Information. Though rumors started swirling of the new flavor on candy Instagram accounts earlier this month, it’ll be a bit of a wait before you can get your hands on them—the bars hits stores in December. There's a chance that this isn't the first you've heard of this new Kit Kat Duos bar, which made a few rounds on Instagram when images of it leaked. Like, imagine the most delicious minty holiday chocolate you ever had as a kid — that first candy you pilfered out of your stocking and shoved in your mouth on Christmas morning — and this is that feeling in Kit Kat form.

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