Step 2: Before the butter turns brown or the oil starts to smoke, reduce the heat by 30 to 50%, depending on the type of cooker and the power. We're happy to help. They are made of 4.8mm, 7-PlyMaterial® (3mm for the 20cm pan) to the edge, so you can actually fry right up to the rim, providing up to 50% more cooking surface than using the base area alone. $139.95 $ 139. Not a Demeyere rep. The steel is of the highest quality and distributes the heat so evenly. Demeyere is by far much superior to any other brand out there. Two things were most impressive; 1st no rivets ( I personally don’t understand why this is not an industry standard ) 2nd the pan doesn’t hump in the middle when heated leaving a dry spot with no oil. I started with the 9.4" fry pan … You can learn more and find claim instructions here: Atlantis is a must … The bottom stays flat and items cook well. The exterior is finished with a TriplInduc layer, which combines three special metal alloys to ensure a smooth, even heating surface that won't deform with use and boosts induction-cooking efficiency by up to 30%. 4.4 out of 5 stars 13. Atlantis is called Proline outside of the US. $129.96 $ 129. Exceptional performance, elegant design: the Atlantis 7-layer construction offers perfect browning and excellent heat distribution and retention. Their stainless steels pots and pans are heralded by chefs all over Europe, and have earned a spot in many a home kitchen, too. The 7-ply construction gives such great cooking results. Get it as soon as Fri, Sep 18. The helper handle makes it so easy to maneuver. But follow the instructions — heat medium-high then turn down to cook. Demeyere was highly recommended by an acquaintance, and with the recommendation and the features, I decided to get one. This item is fully clad with 7 layers; 1 layer of 18/10 stainless steel, 3 layers of aluminum core, and 3 layers of magnetic alloys, which are called the TriplInduc feature. Demeyere was highly recommended by an acquaintance, and with the recommendation and the features, I decided to get one. I love that the long handle stays cool to the touch on the stovetop and that its welded on. Heavy, holds even heat, no rivets and easy to clean. The company has been family-operated since its beginnings outside of Antwerp. This is the best fry pan available. The pan is made of Demeyere's 7-PlyMaterial, which features a thick aluminum-alloy core sandwiched between two layers of pure aluminum for excellent heat distribution. The steel is so pure it works almost like a nonstick. Keep food fresh up to 5 times longer than standard food storage methods. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Demeyere Atlantis appeals to professional and home chefs for its exceptional performance and elegant design. WINNER! Been using this for a couple of months now. No rivets to pick up bits of food or bacteria. I can work with sugar and chocolate in the pan with no worries. Get up to 75% off loads of items perfect for holiday gift giving. 12.6-inch Stainless Steel Fry Pan with Helper Handle, /us/demeyere-atlantis-proline-12.6-inch-stainless-steel-fry-pan-with-helper-handle-25632/40850-939-0.html?cgid=our-brands_demeyere, {"silver-20-cm_8.00-inch":{"color":{"displayName":"silver","ID":"silver","isSelectable":true,"isSelected":true,"isColorSwatch":true,"swatchClass":"selectable","swatchImageUrl":{},"resourceVariationNotAvailable":"color silver is not available for this combination"},"size":{"displayName":"8.00 inch","ID":"20-cm_8.00-inch","isSelectable":true,"isSelected":true,"isColorSwatch":false,"swatchClass":"selectable","resourceVariationNotAvailable":"size 8.00 inch is not available for this combination"},"productId":"40850-227-0","linkUrl":{},"isOrderableInMaster":true,"isStockAvailable":true},"silver-24-cm_9.50-inch":{"color":{"displayName":"silver","ID":"silver","isSelectable":true,"isSelected":true,"isColorSwatch":true,"swatchClass":"selectable","swatchImageUrl":{},"resourceVariationNotAvailable":"color silver is not available for this combination"},"size":{"displayName":"9.50 inch","ID":"24-cm_9.50-inch","isSelectable":true,"isSelected":true,"isColorSwatch":false,"swatchClass":"selectable","resourceVariationNotAvailable":"size 9.50 inch is not available for this combination"},"productId":"40850-937-0","linkUrl":{},"isOrderableInMaster":true,"isStockAvailable":true},"silver-28-cm_11.00-inch":{"color":{"displayName":"silver","ID":"silver","isSelectable":true,"isSelected":true,"isColorSwatch":true,"swatchClass":"selectable","swatchImageUrl":{},"resourceVariationNotAvailable":"color silver is not available for this combination"},"size":{"displayName":"11.00 inch","ID":"28-cm_11.00-inch","isSelectable":true,"isSelected":true,"isColorSwatch":false,"swatchClass":"selectable","resourceVariationNotAvailable":"size 11.00 inch is not available for this combination"},"productId":"40850-938-0","linkUrl":{},"isOrderableInMaster":true,"isStockAvailable":true},"silver-32-cm_12.50-inch":{"color":{"displayName":"silver","ID":"silver","isSelectable":true,"isSelected":true,"isColorSwatch":true,"swatchClass":"selectable","swatchImageUrl":{},"resourceVariationNotAvailable":"color silver is not available for this combination"},"size":{"displayName":"12.50 inch","ID":"32-cm_12.50-inch","isSelectable":true,"isSelected":true,"isColorSwatch":false,"swatchClass":"selectable","resourceVariationNotAvailable":"size 12.50 inch is not available for this combination"},"productId":"40850-939-0","linkUrl":{},"isOrderableInMaster":true,"isStockAvailable":true}}, Demeyere Atlantis Proline 12.6-inch Stainless Steel Fry Pan with Helper Handle.

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