The classic beauty and luxurious feel of the stone or marble countertops and cabinets cladding brings a specific sophisticated touch when introduced in dark color and varying shades. By Elly Leavitt. Different shades of green will also be popular choices, alongside warm yellow and barn red.

Related: 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Interior Paint Colours for Your Home. Alternatively, you can keep the kitchen space bright and then modern it by adding less dramatic shades of light green colour. As we established, luxurious marble will have its great comeback in kitchens design trends. Finish: A super matt solid colour surface. That forest green inspiration can be balanced and spiced up with some metallic accents (also a trendy insertion), smoky glass or creamy latte shades. Kitchen cabinet color trends in 2020 include grays, natural wood tones, whites, blacks, and blues. Entwining freestanding silhouettes, suspended shapes and geometric forms in an organic materials palette: oak and brass, the creators achieved expressive beauty and everyday luxury. Embrace the darker color palette, pair up your black accent with contrasting rich coffee browns, woods, shades of grey, taupe or biscuit beige, and you will have trendy, warm and welcoming kitchen ambiance. In this sculptural creation by Cesar the modern minimalism inspiration finds its suitable expression into a single, straight-lined block of gorgeous dark marble, proving that contemporary aesthetics can find minimalist beauty in luxury. As far as kitchen colours go, a zesty, bold and peppery hue like BEHR Torch Red MQ4-35 brings stylish heat to your home’s design. Sophisticated and smart colours may help keep the kitchen cleaner, newer and tidier. Removable wallpaper companies are making it even easier to experiment with pattern on walls and backsplashes. Only this time intriguing choices like pieces plucked from old factories and machines give an artistic and industrial vibe to a modern kitchen’s decor. This curated duo of neutral and moody tones come in a matt finish, adding sophistication to the 2020 kitchen look. Green kitchen cabinetry is set to be a new, key style. For kitchen paint colors, most designers agree that blue will be the hue for 2020. French Navy is a true classic – a deep, rich navy. Eye-catching and entirely confident, a dash of red on the walls instantly satisfies your colour cravings. A cool light-mid grey solid, thermolaminated door profile perfect for a traditional or modern contemporary style kitchen. People are using it to underline the eco-credentials of their kitchens by enhancing the walls, units and accessories. Other than that, organising kitchen, Because an open plan kitchen involves other rooms or zones, there is a lot more to consider when attempting to design a functional and practical one. Matte black electrical appliances, lighting, work surfaces and other kitchen features will look fantastic in your modern kitchen interior. As far as kitchen colours go, a zesty, bold and peppery hue like BEHR Torch Red MQ4-35 brings stylish heat to your home’s design. Neutrals are classics and complement most colors. Natural materials like marble, granite, exquisite wood and glamorous metal accents from brass and copper are often part of the designers’ selection for the kitchen assembly. The navy blue is the one observed recently with more intense presence. Closing the wall panels all traces of kitchen disappear and the space left can be used as a living room, dining zone, or even a bedroom – with a wall hide bed. The market offers multi-coloured appliances such as beautifully designed kettles, fridges, ovens and accessories in fantastic contemporary choices. Their Ginger model shows the union of many different materials in one stylish and solid kitchen island experience: marble, Canaletto wood, stainless steel, lacquered and glass all harmoniously combine together in one smooth touch-to-open kitchen body offering the possibility of easy-going continuity with the living area. It can be not only а practical but also а stylish modern choice for kitchen design. But do not forget the classic elegance of Black and White. All rights reserved. NEW 2020 COLOUR TRENDS. Bright, beautiful and abundantly elegant, dessert-inspired peaches and creams bring an airy feel and easy refinement to the bathroom. With its kitchen sculpture aesthetics the Lignum et Lapis is a refined mixed-media island with teak drawer fronts and side panels. 5. The most recent Dada kitchen creations combine natural and sophisticated materials, such as glass, bronze, raw metal and beautiful wood to create an ambiance of row elegance and warm tonality combinations between sand and rock. Paint 10 Kitchen … The unique and stylish dialogue between rough, dark slate-stone structure and shiny, light copper accents in this project is perfect to finish our summon-up of the upcoming kitchen design trends for 2020-2021. Some beautiful design projects use them spectacularly. Of course, we don’t talk about that shining black kitchen surfaces from the early 2000’s paired with white lacquer cabinetry. A glamorous look of an everyday standard object to match the designer’s clothing collection. Metal not only as accents and delicate parts cladding from lamps, appliances, and fittings but metal as a constructive part of furniture elements, cubbies and island are present in the new season kitchen design projects. Consider 2020 as the year of the kitchen! ‘Green can be equally dramatic and luxurious when used in the kitchen, and new for 2020, Magnet has launched two debut Magnet Create finishes in varying hues of the contemporary colour: Green Olives and Forest … Precious materials, bold colors, and nuances play between dark and sparkle, smooth and rough and the massive, organic presence of stone and marble are some of the most distinctive trades which one can expect to encounter in kitchens’ design in the coming years. In its essence this is a monolith furniture unit with three zones; kitchen, living room and bedroom, all combined in one flexible wall to wall structure. The unique and stylish dialogue between rough, dark slate-stone structure and shiny, light copper accents in this project is perfect to finish our summon-up of the upcoming kitchen design trends for 2020-2021. Right around this time of year, everyone wants to know what’s trending in kitchen design in a bid to get ahead of their holiday kitchen renovation project. Gray It’s no secret that gray has become the new neutral over the past few years. Facing the challenge of modern lifestyle, which requires the kitchens to be simultaneously; functional workhorses and stylish entertaining hubs, designers Arclinea and Antonio Citterio tap into the zeitgeist with an artistic and unique solution for both needs. Like the three shades of green included in Behr’s 2020 Colour Trends palette, BEHR Free Green M420-5 is the perfect marriage of statement-making and sophisticated. Soft purple shades make a big impact without being overly dramatic, offering a statement-making effect that still feels soft and light. They also include palettes dominated by the warm exotic earthy hues such as oranges and intense tonalities. Drawing from global interior trends and translating them to the Australian lifestyle, our palette of newly released cabinet door colours are set to inspire… discover the new Designer range colours below, and re-imagine your new kitchen with us. Shake up your kitchen with two new beautiful colours which have been added to our shaker-style Sierra cabinetry range. Using luxurious materials combinations of Calacatta Gold marble and Copper Bronze, the designers of the brand created well-balanced kitchen’ s decor, where aesthetic and functional parameters blend in harmony to compose an atmosphere of convivial comfort. (mostly with gold and silver shine, copper and brass). Modern designers search for a fluid sequence of rooms in an open floor plan, a composition that often includes neat and tidy kitchen, stylish dining, and an inviting living room arrangement – all suitable for multidimensional lifestyle.

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