Lee Dickson's firing situation with Clapton. Lots of really cool unique sounds, plus all the regular stuff one would want from a delay. When set to 100% the previously saved audio decays completely each time through the loop when dubbing. I think about the Timeline now and then to get delay and looper all in one unit but I don't think I'd be happy without with the ability to store and recall loops. What does reddit recommend? 30 second looper. Spaceman3 Member. What other loopers do the "fade out" as you overdub more parts? I've since just started building all of my own pedals but delays are one that kinda have to buy unless you want to get into programming to make a guitar pedal. I think the switches are still the same soft touch/momentary type though but honestly they'll be fine, http://www.zoom.co.jp/products/ms-70cdr/spec/. And I played the others and they are all great and super versatile (except the alter ego which is going after specific retro delay tones but still super good). isn't that like 15 year old tech? JavaScript is disabled. i love mine. Guides en ligne. I believe the looper gives you about 40 seconds. But my impression of Line6 is that they DON'T care if people think their products are junk or outdated either. I own the first two. I preferred the timeline's tape delay and the weirder sounds I was getting. I don't feel like going down that route again but I do need a decent multi delay effect pedal. Definitley the best choice IMO. Lire le résum é . I have had three Line 6 DL4 pedals over the years and have loved them all dearly. I know there are tons of modders that can replace the commonly breaking components of the DL4 for not that much more. the footswitches are dodgy and the pedal overall is a bit fragile for my everyday use. delay types available. I'm saying I think theres a way to trick the DL4 into thinking it's in half speed mode when you record it, so you get a normal speed 28 second loop. i would take a timeline or a timefactor over the dl4 any day of the week. 1 of 2 Go to page. Feedback: 0 / 0 / 0. The place for all things related to guitar pedals. That is just about the silliest thing I've read on these fora. My son ran into Rev. Billy G. last night!!! Someone said the DelayLab in this thread and it's way better than a DL4 in terms of what it offers. Digitech timebender or strymon timeline or tc alter ego or flashback x4 or eventide H9 or timefactor or the big korg thing, I forget what it's called. All about the bottom line with them. I don't feel like going down that route again but I do need a decent multi delay effect pedal. Messages 230. Highly recommend it. I made the mistake of getting a Blackstar Tube Delay. In other words, the looped audio is only played once. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/favorite-tricks-with-the-dl4.222714/, http://www.loopers-delight.com/tools/tools.html. Go. Flashback X4 is roughly the same size as the DL4 and gets you 3 switchable presets out of 12-ish? Would you want a dedicated delay or a multi? yo i back the flashback x4. 10/10 would reccomend. Tout afficher. Press J to jump to the feed. It's been years and years since I had one though. Unless you don't need the dedicated buttons for recording, start/stop, one shot trigger, and the reverse/half speed. I don't even mind if it's rack mounted and can be controlled by midi tbh I just need something that is reliable, sounds good and has a bit of flexibility. an alternative to a Line6 DL4 delay-looper. Now don't get me wrong, the BlackStar Delay is great... and loaded with cool stuff... but for the price I paid I could have gotten so much more... with so much less gimmick. Effets de modulation. I shopped around and compared it to every other similarly priced delay (flashback x4, DD-20, DL4, etc) and found it to be my favorite. The Loop Decay Rate control has no effect on normal Playback, only dubbing.". I have had three Line 6 DL4 pedals over the years and have loved them all dearly. have you ever had one freak out on you? I don't think the way to a healthy bottom line is to make ****** products and ignore customer complaints. only downside is its 50% larger than a timeline, of course the timeline is 3X the price!! I'm not sure you'll find the functionality of a dl4 in a smaller package. But line 6 also makes a Boss enclosure style pedal called the echo Park which has all the features of DL4 barring the loop function, including the stereo sweep I believe you said you were looking for in another comment. I currently have a DIG which I love and am planning on buying a looper as well. If you can find a timebender snap it up. Though it's not much, if any smaller. Both would function very similar to the DL4 with multiple presets and loopers but the timeline is quite a bit more expensive. Comme tous les modéliseurs de pédales Line 6, le DL4 possède un panneau frontal robuste et de conception simple, muni de quatre contacteurs au pied pour la sauvegarde et le rappel des sons, et de six boutons pour la sélection des modélisations et le réglage des paramètres (avec des assignations distinctes à chaque bouton, en fonction de la modélisation de délai sélectionnée). I replaced my broken DL4 with a Strymon timeline but I considered the flashback as well. May 8, 2016 #1 Hi there, I was wondering if someone can recommend me a pedal that had a smaller board footprint than the Lin6DL4 and offers a better looper with a long delay time. Same looper functionality with a multiswitch for reverse and half speed.

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