☞ Especially during the rains, make sure your compost units don’t have excessive water in them. It's okay. Some will suggest adding sulfur to make it more acidic later, but avoiding the issue altogether is better. You’re likely to find more black soldier fly larvae than other bugs because again, like any good mama, the female will fight any threat or competitor to protect her larvae and nest. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Problems With Vermicomposting: How To Deal With Vermicompost Issues, Worm Composting Bins - Learn How To Make Your Own Worm Bins, Using Organic Worm Castings: How To Harvest Worm Castings For Your Garden, Natural Thanksgiving Décor – How To Grow Thanksgiving Decorations, Autumn Centerpiece Ideas For Outdoor Table Décor, Corn Cob Wreath: How To Make Indian Corn Wreaths, What Are Galax Plants: Growing Galax Plants In Gardens, Growing Cacti In Zone 9 – Best Cacti For Zone 9 Gardens, What Is Sandalwood – How To Grow Sandalwood In The Garden, Fruit On A Crabapple – Do Crabapple Trees Produce Fruit, The Bountiful Garden: Bringing The Garden To Thanksgiving, Overwintering Containers And End Of Season Cleanup, Must Have Winter Shrubs – Top 7 Shrubs For Winter Interest, Enclosed Porch Garden – Indoor Gardening On The Porch. There are heaps of them! If you’ve come across these writhing wiggly guys in your bin, you’ve probably asked yourself: maggots in compost good or bad? It's pretty big and as long as you turn it so water doesn't get in (I haven't had issues but I always leave the doors face down), it's never too heavy to turn. . This will still produce enough heat to keep the flies away. I have put no meat or dairy products in the container, only vegetable and fruit scraps. You don't want a massive infestation or they'll take out too many nutrients, but some will help accelerate your composting and make sure it's ready for the next season. If you allow a giant infestation then you'll end up with less nutritious compost, but even then the damage is minimal. Turning your compost pile regularly will prevent the creation of moisture pockets where maggots thrive. That’s when these larvae officially become a pest because they will, if left unabated, leave you with an exhausted compost that has no value to your garden. What is the Role of the Decomposers in the Nitrogen Cycle. You can let it dry out on its own, then be careful not to overwater in the future, or add more material that can soak the excess liquid right away – like newspaper or shavings. They love a very wet pile. They go through the food scraps very quickly. ), 12 Underused Herbs Every Smart Gardener Should Know and Grow, Growing Figs: Best Varieties, Planting Guides, Care, Problems and Harvest, How to Spot and Get Rid of Scale on Your Garden Plants, 11 Frugal Seed Starting Hacks to Get Your Garden Going, What is Subsistence Farming? Ways to Eliminate Maggots in Your Compost Solution 1: Add More Browns. What are these maggots? The reason you usually find these and not other types of worms, grubs, and housefly larvae is because the BSF will fight off other insects to protect their nest, and compost is a natural pesticide as it is. I have developed enough interest regarding plants that these things do not bore me anymore; instead this has become my passion. TIP: If you have a pet lizard or bird around, they will LOVE to feast on the maggots that you removed from the pile. If you inspect your bin regularly, you can make the most out of the maggots in your compost bin. One thing is for certain: the real problem comes when you have too many of them. They can develop into massive populations, especially in compost piles or in earthworm farms. Also, you can have a thick layer of browns along the top to disinterest the adult female BSF.

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