The plant is widespread in north-western Borneo and can also be found in parts of Kalimantan. Mist plants regularly. I was immediately enthralled by the monstrosity of N. lowii and the enormity of N. rajah. veitchii Bario’ for some time. Nepenthes veitchii is an extravagant, fuzzy tropical pitcher plant from north-western Borneo and parts of Kalimantan. A nursery only a couple miles away has several varieties available, N. veitchii "highland" from Bareo and Hose Mtns. Comments Required. This hybrid was bred by our resident Nepenthes grower, Sean Springfield. It is enviable that nepenthes can be grown out in the fields always. Most striped peristomes will ultimately darken as they age. (It also has some variegation on it.) Species Showcase: Nepenthes veitchii. Nepenthes veitchii (/nɪˈpɛnθiːz ˈveɪtʃiaɪ, - ˈviːtʃ-/; after James Veitch, nurseryman of the Veitch Nurseries),[4] or Veitch's pitcher-plant,[5] is a Nepenthes species from the island of Borneo. Peristome color and form in these plants is also extremely variable between populations. Although Nepenthes is a little less particular about its water than many other carnivorous plants, distilled/demineralized water or rainwater is still preferable.Tap water has a high mineral content, something that carnivores don’t respond well to. [8] It has also been compared to N. It is likely to be one of our most exciting creations coming out of the Borneo Exotics breeding stable. Best to use only pure water – rainwater, distilled water or RO water. malformed pitchers. Growing into the hobby, I used to collect online images of my favorite Nepenthes. Grown by Josh Brown of Predatory Plants. Nepenthes veitchii is an amazing species endemic to the island of Borneo! This is pure horticulturally-produced Nepenthes veitchii, a first in our program.The population of N. veitchii from Bario has a squat shape and an impressively-flared peristome, while the our male "pink" clone has wonderful pitcher color and striped peristomes. Nepenthes veitchii bario "Special & rare" Harvest 15th November 2020 Shipping 20th November 2020 "You can request combine shipping But you can't request combine shipping I refund shipping excess cost" Paymant : - We accept Paypal Only. Even though N. veitchii was a highland parent, that doesn't mean it prefers highland conditions. Nepenthes rajah x veitchii BE3730. See all Item description Nepenthes Veitchii Carnivorous plants for sale Canada Offered are rare seed grown Nepenthes veitchii yellow peristome x (Highland x lowland) form . Support the … He wrote the following account of his discovery:[5][7]. Some of the specimens I got measured quite ten inches in length. Nepenthes veitchii Bario NE 32C. Nepenthes (veitchii x lowii) x platychila BE3920 was first introduced April 2018 by Borneo Exotics. Best to use only pure water – rainwater, distilled water or RO water. Be careful of bottled water as some contain salt which will kill your Tropical Pitcher plant; Keep a small … 25 February 2020. Wilcock & M.D. A stunning pair of N. x Tiveyi intermediate pitchers. the more you spend, the more you save! So I ordered a couple of plants from CK and got my brother to care for them until I can get my hands on them. It grows a little faster than our Bario clone, because it most likely originates from the Bau lowlands. Gorb 2012. By Callum - Tue Aug 18, 2020 12:35 pm Posts: 17 Joined: Thu Aug 01, 2019 8:19 am - Tue Aug 18, 2020 12:35 pm #363065. It grows from 4,800 feet (1,463 meters) down to sea level. Plants from the Batu Lawi heights have been in PTC in Germany and the Czech Republic for more than a decade, but apparently have not proven particularly popular with nepenthes collectors. Nepenthes veitchii "Psychedelic" x adrianii CAR-0092 has exceeded all expectations! Nepenthes burkei x veitchii – BE-3934 – Borneo Exotics. cindy Global Moderator. Humidity should be uniformly high for the production of lush, clean leaves and full-sized pitchers. NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Mpodozis, C.; Arriagada, C.; Roperch, P. 2007-05-01. Plant Care; More. Nepenthes veitchii has proven very popular with hybridizers since the late 19th century when George Tivey of Veitch’s crossed this species with N. maxima as the seed parent (listed as Curtisii var.

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