Transfer to a big bowl and add 4 cups hot water. Welcome to my site about modern Chinese cooking, Asian inspired dishes, and classic recipes cooked in my small New York Kitchen. The amounts of dried lily flowers and shiitake mushrooms can be difficult to measure. I’ve searched for a recipe in the past, but I never knew what to search for, since I didn’t know the name for the dish. So I consider myself to have been very spoiled and lucky, because now, the shrimp and pork version is the only one that satisfies my appetite. I just love all the exotic flavors you have going on- what a treat! Sometimes we end up eating more gravy than noodles, simply because the gravy is so delicious. I was wanting to explore more ways to make vegetable broth that would give it more umami flavor and then I saw this. The other dry ingredient is wood ear mushrooms. I really like the lotus flower flavor. You can also subscribe without commenting. However, next time I'm itching for a sinful treat, I'm going for the mushroom version, and I'm thinking it will be fantastic over boiled cabbage. Julienne the scallions nice and thin. A bigger batch of cream sauce can easily be made by adjusting the amounts of butter, flour, and cream. Made this last nite – it was wonderful! Like a white sauce, cream sauce uses just a few ingredients and can be made in minutes. And of course, that dinner party was a blast and ended with smiles on everyone’s faces. Earthy, slight shellfish taste and they worked like a charm. Gently rinse dried shiitake mushrooms with tap water. I love the “tried and true” recipes that have been passed on through families. A bigger batch of cream sauce can easily be made by adjusting the amounts of butter, flour, and cream. Start browsing recipes right away or you could learn more about me here. I love using the shiitake soaking water too, it’s the best way to add a new depth of flavour to the dish! These noodles look so hearty and comforting, Maggie! If you do not have a bottle of it on hand, use 1 tablespoon soy sauce and 2 teaspoons sugar instead. Add green onion and ginger. So good! The foundation of the broth consists of dried lily flowers and dried shiitake mushrooms. Thanks OMNIVORE. Mix the soy sauces, sesame oil, salt, sugar, wine and white pepper in a small bowl and set aside.. Ooo! Remove the pot from your stove and cover to keep hot. I’m half Chinese, a senior still cooking for spouse. Pretty sure you can find them on Amazon. Lucky me, too, as I have both dried lily flowers and dried shiitake mushrooms in my pantry. I take a less labor-intensive approach while maintaining the taste and look of the dish. Thanks for inspiration and recipes. I’d have to say they are my absolute favorite food! It’s a good brand and I think either type will work well for this recipe . Cook noodles according to instructions. If you like rich-tasting sauces, you'll love this cream sauce. Top noodles with plain cream sauce and garnish with finely chopped chives and parsley. Rinse the bean sprouts in cold water and drain. And I love, love, love noodles – of all kinds! I also use canned tomato instead of whole tomato sometimes, because off-season tomato can be tasteless sometimes. Hi Mari, I’m glad to hear you like my recipe! The sensation of the mushrooms is quite special. Replies to my comments Top your noodles with a delicious cream sauce using one of the four sauce recipes below. There's nothing nicer than a plateful of noodles topped with a rich cream sauce. I believe that knowing how to do this is an essential skill for home cooks.

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