This includes process displays, data loggers, impulse counters and I/O modules. We are a globally operating company group with the two sister companies BD|SENSORS GmbH (Sales Worldwide) and BD SENSORS sro (Sales Eastern Europe). General downloads for this product category. The electronic pressure switch DS 350 is interesting for all users in plant and machine engineering, due to the integrated IO-Link interface to exchange process data, diagnostic reports and status messages with a superordinate control level, as standard. Another type of capacitor uses concentric hollow metal cylinders. Electronic pressure measurement is increasingly the preferred method to reliably provide comprehensive and accurate pressure data directly to the user control system. A strain gauge element and a typical transducer is shown in the figure below. Most electronic pressure sensors incorporate different elements as the primary pressure detector, and it is used to vary a measurable electrical quantity to produce a proportionately variable electronic signal. Pressure Transducers and Pressure Transmitters for OEM, Industrial & Process applications. BD|SENSORS GmbH BD-Sensors-Str. The electronic pressure switch DS 201 is the successful combination of - intelligent pressure switch - digital display. BD|SENSORS is unequalled when it comes to consulting and competent solutions to the measurement of pressures and fill levels. and has been specially designed for universal usage in industry applications. “Fit, form and function” of the sensor is paramount for a successful application – this includes pressure media compatibility, accuracy requirements, response time, overload, temperature range, size and weight restrictions, environmental factors such as ingress protection, shock and vibration, EMC compliance and hazardous area / ATEX certification etc. 1 95199 Thierstein Germany. This characteristics limits its used somewhat. In order to increase the number of search results, please search by part of the product number only, e.g. Many of the products are also available to measure absolute pressure, i.e. Our brochures for pressure measurement technology are availabel in English and German. Often these can be supplied from modular based designs due to the compact and flexible nature of electronic sensor technologies, but for more complex requirements custom designs can often be readily accommodated. IFM Efector PX9112 Electronic Pressure Sensor, 0 to 1000 PSI Measuring Range. Here you will find all contact options at a glance: BD-Sensors-Str. 1 D-95199 Thierstein GERMANY, Tel. GlowShift Tinted 7 Color 30 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit - Includes Electronic Sensor - Black Dial - Smoked Lens - for Diesel Trucks - 2-1/16" 52mm 4.3 out of 5 stars 63 $84.99 $ 84 . The primary interest here is in its use as a pressure sensor. Anything less is not an option. Series 6b: blue/green-sensitive photodiodes, Series 5: high speed NIR-sensitive photodiodes, Series 6: IR photodiodes with minimal dark current, Series 8: optimized for high cut-off frequencies – 650 nm - 850 nm, Series 9: with enhanced NIR sensitivity – 900 nm, Series 10: with enhanced NIR sensitivity – 1064 nm, Series X: Detectors for ionizing radiation, Pressure sensors with increased media compatibility, Pressure sensors for corrosive liquids and gases, Pressure transmitters for corrosive liquids and gases, Fuel supply pressure and temperature sensor, Tank pressure and temperature sensor for inside mounting, Vacuum pressure sensor for brake boosters, Hydrogen pressure sensor for fuel cell cars, Pressure sensor with multiple ports for electrohydraulic steering, VSO-EP / VSO-EV electronic pressure controllers, Conditions for sale, delivery, purchase and production, Advanced driver assistance systems – ADAS.

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