Bird House Hole Squirrel Guard. Only 2 left in stock (more on the way). The only materials needed are an inexpensive plastic bowl and twine. Get it by Monday, Nov 30. Click & Collect. Erva Catalog SB5GLV - Hanging Disk Squirrel Baffle - Galvanized Finish - USA [UPC 763945-590110] - For those looking for a very inexpensive squirrel baffle we are offering the hanging SB5GLV squirrel baffle with plain galvanized finish! I tried superglueing the ring in place but this didn't work either. Squirrel Baffle (14) 4.7 out of 5 stars. Get Quotations. Product #042-5957-4. 0 Reviews $ Free Store Pickup Today. Home. Our widest hanging baffle keeps squirrels off Prevent squirrels from jumping on your bird feeder. This permits you to attach it, without taking away the bird feeder or bird pole. If it doesn’t work out, then you … Baffles are perfect because they prevent squirrels from feeding on bird food, but also don’t harm the squirrels themselves. GARDEN WILD BIRD HANGING FEEDER, SQUIRREL BAFFLE AND CONCRETE PARASOL BASE. ... Galvanized Metal Hanging Squirrel Baffle, 21.25" dia. This is the least expensive squirrel baffle on the market that actually works. CDN$54.10. Free shipping . To hook the feeder to the dome, hold feeder at an angle to slip eyebolt of feeder over eyebolt of dome. … Available soon. W x 6 in. Ours actually hung from from the branch behind the Guard/Baffle like a gymnast and than grabbed the chain the suet cake was hanging from and avoided the baffle all together, while other Squirrels were not … Bestnest. Click or tap to zoom. The most effective clear baffle we've found. Bird Feeder Pole Favorites - Best bird feeder poles for hanging your feeders and attaching baffles to for a squirrel proof pole. I wanted to find a low maintenance and easy to install, permanent solution. Includes hanging hardware, no tools needed. Erva SB5 Hanging Disk Squirrel Baffle & Guard - Green. Just as it sounds, the cone-shaped baffles are similar to an upside down funnel shape, placed on hanging bird feeders or pole mounted bird feeders. A squirrel baffle is designed to prevent squirrels from climbing up poles to reach pole-mounted bird feeders, or climbing down branches to reach hanging bird feeders. Bird Feeder Squirrel Baffle: I have had growing problems with squirrels climbing the pole to my bird feeder and eating all the birdseed. Compare. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Hang this massive baffle above your feeder to prevent squirrels from reaching the seed to reduce waste. When hanging the squirrel baffle from a tree, use a branch hook. The baffle also prevents squirrels from trying to ruin the bird feeder by chewing on it to try and get to the seed. Erva Hanging Squirrel Baffle. Protect your bird feeders in extreme weather conditions and keep enjoying the birds. The traditional baffles that look like a half circle don't always… Squirrel Feeders - To Make Everyone Happy ;-) 4.4 out of 5 stars 114. Hang the squirrel guard with a bird feeder … Place a hanging squirrel baffle above your hanging bird feeder. Notify me when available! Hyde 12" Hanging Squirrel Baffle. $30.45. Platform Style Squirrel Baffles. Squirrel Baffles at! 34.40. Stokes Select 18" Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle. Here is an easy weather dome/squirrel baffle that you can make for your feeders. The Songbird Essentials 20-Inch Polymer Hanging Baffle can be used with nearly any type of bird feeder, and it comes with all of the hardware you … 21" in diameter. Woodlink 16 in. Feeder in picture is sold separately. View on Vehicle $19.99. Squirrel Guard Baffle Protects Hanging Bird Feeders & Poles - Raccoon & Squirrel Proof Your Bird Feeders & Bird Houses - 17 inch 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,253. Now: $22.99. W x 4 in. North States 7 ft. H Bird Feeding Station . online looking has now gone an extended approach; it has changed the way shoppers and entrepreneurs do business nowadays. Audubon 15.38 in. Woodlink, Ltd. NABAF18 Audubon Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle, 18-Inch 4.4 out of 5 stars 7,954. Some come as part of the bird feeder itself, while others can be purchased separately and placed on top of an existing feeder for added protection. A popular style incorporates a colored PVC tube directly underneath a round feeder. Hang this massive baffle above your feeder to prevent squirrels from reaching the seed to reduce waste. 2 Reviews $ Free Store Pickup Today. 99 List Price $29.18 $ 29 . This 20-inch hanging baffle is made from unbreakable polymer materials in a smooth dome-style design so squirrels will slide right off, leaving your bird seed only accessible to birds. Hiatt Mfg 38023 Stokes Select Squirrel Baffle-SQUIRREL BAFFLE . Hanging Squirrel Baffle Using A Plastic Bowl . $48.99. 1 Review $ Free Store Pickup Today. This baffle can be used with hanging and pole-mounted feeders. Hanging disk squirrel baffle. Torpedo Squirrel Baffle 6" Dia x 15.75" H Item: 24639/HM49 Torpedo Raccoon Baffle 7.75" D x 28" H Item: 24627 18" Wrap-Around Baffle-Bird … Copper Tint Finish. Compare. This baffle is one of the most effective hanging style baffles around. The Most Effective Squirrel Baffle Ever (and it came free with your birdseed)! When it comes to squirrel baffle for trees, choose a branch that is high and long enough to place the feeder 4-inch from the ground and 8-inches away from the tree trunk. Reg: $24.99. Galvenized steel construction for a long life and a powder coated finish as well. 4.6 out of 5 stars 24. The Squirrel-Away Baffle can attach to any hanging bird feeder to provide the same protection and weather proofing that the comes with the Sky Cafe and Mandarin … Free shipping . When selecting a squirrel baffle, many consumers don’t like the look of a large metal hood hanging from a pole in their backyards. All hardware included. Arundale 154 Mandarin Hanging Squirrel Baffle, 17-Inch . The best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder Baffle is as durable as it is beautiful. Suitable for year-round use and perfect for any hanging-style bird feeder. 18 Although the baffle is sturdy and good and wide, the centre fixing ring would not stay on. Make sure you place the squirrel baffle on the pole so its top is at least 4’ up from the ground, preferably right under the feeder itself. … Mandarin Hanging Squirrel Baffle Low price for Mandarin Hanging Squirrel Baffle check price to day. Woodside Universal 18” Squirrel Baffle Dome Wild Bird Feeder Protection. The Most Effective Squirrel Baffle Ever (and it came free with your birdseed)! The squirrel baffle does not work as it should. Arundale 154 Mandarin Hanging Squirrel Baffle, 17-Inch. Free shipping . D Squirrel Baffle Birdfeeder Pole . £12.87 to £46.20. Suitable for year-round use and perfect for any hanging … *Fully galvanized and will not rust* This squirrel baffle … Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole - Includes floating baffle that keeps squirrels from reaching your feeders. The most common types are dome or cone shaped and usually made from plastic. 4.5 out of 5 stars (26) 26 product ratings - Woodside Universal 18” Squirrel Baffle Dome Wild Bird … It resists damage, as well as ultraviolet rays from the sun. Squirrel Baffle,Unbreakable Hanging Baffle Squirrel Guard Baffle for Hanging Bird Feeders, 16-Inch Black . It kinda of works, You have to remember Squirrels are smart, and if they want something they will figure out a way. 3. Clear Hanging Squirrel Baffle deters squirrels and lets bird dine in peace!Clear baffle is an excellent squirrel deterrent for hanging bird feeders. $21.95. A squirrel baffle wraps around the post holding the bird feeder and should be placed at least 4 feet off of the ground. The Squirrel-Away Baffle can attach to any hanging bird feeder to provide the same protection and weather proofing that the comes with the Sky Cafe and Mandarin bird feeders. $22.60. Protects feeder and seed from squirrels and weather. 15.99. Woodside Universal 18” Squirrel Baffle Dome Wild Bird Hanging/Pole Station Feeder Guard Protection. Receive Email Specials Wholesale Accts About Us Log In Check Order Status Help. Economical and unfinished—our widest hanging baffle keeps squirrels off Prevent squirrels from jumping on your bird feeder. The best baffle in the world will not work if your squirrels have a “Plan B”! NH-SB5GLV. This squirrel baffle features a wrap around design that makes it convenient to use. D Hanging Baffle . If you have a bird feeder in your yard, you will surely have had the experience of finding a squirrel sitting there, eating its fill and keeping … Free postage. Basically, you drill a hole into the bottom of a bowl, invert, and hang directly over your feeders. Unbreakable dome resists squirrel damage. $30.33. Temporarily out of stock. Cone-Shaped Squirrel Baffles. Use it as a simple way to keep squirrels at bay. Black Squirrel Baffle Outdoor Hanging Feeding Station Coated Weather Resistant. $32.95 *OUT OF STOCK* Mandarin Hanging Squirrel Baffle. Its plastic lugs are totally inadequate so the ring comes loose and the whole baffle swings wildly in any breeze. Heath UB-1 Hanging Squirrel Baffle, Polycarbonate Plastic.

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