Determining The Importance Level Of Accounting Information For Investors’ Decision Making, York Capital Management has decided to focus on longer-duration assets like private equity, private debt and collateralized loan obligations. (1983), “Power and the Design and Implementation of accounting and Controlling Systems”, Accounting, Organisation and Society, Vol. Good accounting information is able to respond to the requirements of an organization and help in managerial decision making. (b) The researcher was unable to reach all the members of the sample as a result of their frequent travels and busy schedule. )��E��9DTE�U1Au�\ 0kafor (2000) The price of any consumable item from garri and bread to radio and book not to mention petrol has been soaring in geometric proportions over the year. The research adopted the descriptive survey research. Their findings demonstrated that managers at the company utilize accounting information for budgeting purposes and to determine the funding needs of the company’s upcoming ventures. 0000040831 00000 n The results show that financial measures, such as dividend, price-earnings ratio and yield are less important to individual investors than are a stock’s recent price movements, the nature of stock, and, in particular, the investors’ perceptions of the company’s management. As a source for additional understanding of the subject. The consensus is that it has been bad for Nigeria. 15, p . But more specifically, it attempts to achieve the following: (a) To know the value of accounting information in decisions made in an organization. 430-514. Managers in the tourism and hospitality industry also use accounting information in making appropriate financial and economic decisions. 0000006483 00000 n THE IMPACT OF ACCOUNTING INFORMATION ON DECISION MAKING PROCESS, THE EFFECT OF VALUE ADDED TAX ON REVENUE GENERATION OF SOUTHWESTERN STATES IN NIGERIA 2011-2016, THE IMPACT OF FINANCIAL STRUCTURE ON PERFORMANCE OF QUOTED FIRMS IN NIGERIA, The Developmental Roles of Financial Institution in Economic Development in Abia State, The Role of Internal Control as the Foundation of Quality Management, The Implication of 25 Billion Recapitalization Policy of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on Nigerian Economy, The Effect of Capital Structure on the Profitability of Quoted Insurance Companies in Nigeria, The Efficiency of Education Expenditure in Nigeria (1990 – 2015), Fiscal Accountability Dilemma in Nigeria Public Sector: A Warning Model for Economic Retrogression, Impact of Financial Information on the Profitability of Business Organization in Nigeria, Impacts of Accounting System Common in Public Sector, Problem and Prospect of Financial Control Tool, The Challenges of Rating Valuation in Nigeria, The Impact of Monetary Policy in Nigeria Banking Institution, The Impact of Working Capital Management of the Productivity of a Manufacturing Company. So there was a delay with the project due to the covid19 pandemic. To ascertain the extent to which accounting information generated by accounts departments has contributed in decision making process. Businesses that are yet to be submerged or that want to stay afloat employ all kind of strategies. It will review the improvement in the organization or company handling the accounting information and show equally the ways through which improvement could be accomplished. © 2020 My Best Writer. Now, with just a click of a button, I got my complete project in less than 15 minutes. Subsequently our hopes seemed unattainable. An exact information will reflect in a reliable financial reporting and this will result in strengthening the financial position of the entity, will identify risks and will manage them on time , will enable the attraction of investments, then decisions will be taken on the basis of strong economic information. Financial accounting information focuses on actual events. = 'FJVoiceFeed'; 8, No.2 –3, pp. Kim, K. (1999), “Organizational Coordination and Performance in Hospital Accounting Information System: An Empirical Investigation”, The Accounting Review, Vol. Results of this study can be used by investors, Ministry of Economy, finance, accounting, business and economy students, professionals and academicians etc. Accounting information is valuable when used in a decisional process. ACCOUNTING AS A BASIS FOR MANAGING PUBLIC EXPENDITURE, A STUDY OF IMPACT AND IMPLICATION OF RESTRUCTURING THE NIGERIA PENSION SCHEME, A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE IMPACT OF INVENTORY VALUATION METHODS ON FINANCIAL REPORT STATEMENT, A STUDY OF THE ACCOUNTABILITY AND BUDGET IMPLEMENTATION IN NIGERIA, ACCOUNTING AS A CONTROL MEASURE ON ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRIES, ACCOUNTING FOR PEACE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA, THE NORTH EAST CASE, AN ANALYSIS OF THE IMPACT OF STOCK MARKET DEVELOPMENT ON ECONOMIC GROWTH, AN ANALYSIS ON THE PERSISTENT DEPRECIATION OF THE NAIRA IN THE FOREIGN EXCHANGE MARKETS CAUSES EFFECTS AND SOLUTIONS, AN APPRAISAL OF THE CONVERGENCE OF PENSION FUND ADMINISTRATION IN NIGERIA WITH INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS, AN APPRAISAL OF THE FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT TO THE GROWTH OF AGRICULTURAL SECTOR, AN APPRAISAL OF THE NATURE AND SIGNIFICANCE OF MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING, AN APPRAISAL OF THE ROLE OF WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT ON ORGANISATIONAL PERFORMANCE, I actually took the risk,you know first time stuff Discuss any evident limitations and opportunities for further inquiry. The use of the accounting information in decision making in the hospitality business. These compounded and complicated intricacies are the problem of the organization vis-à-vis effective planning and decision making processes. The information communicated by accounting is very important for its users, because it will affect on making an economic decision. 0000004537 00000 n Theoretical & Applied Economics, 20(9), 27-38. My friend told me about iprojectmaster website, I doubted her until I saw her download her full project instantly, I tried mine too and got it instantly, right now, am telling everyone in my school about, no one has to suffer any more writing their project. Most Urgent order is delivered with 6 Hrs. Using survey research design, the author enlisted 55 participants and data was gathered from them with the use of a questionnaire. Topic: How managers can use accounting information in making better decisions. A regression model, the Accounting Model, was employed to test the decision-relevance of particular annual report accounting variables. Therefore accounting information is based on laws and regulations governing the handling of financial information contained in the financial reports of organization.Making the right decision depends on the possession of appropriate, accurate and up to date information provided and presented in a meaningful way. In fact, all interested groups like shareholders, employers, investors, creditors, government etc. This is so nice!!! The interests of users of accounting information regarding the interest, the need for information and the decisions they make as a result of the information received and also of the accounting model used by the entity from which the information is expected are also examined in this study. The study uniquely provides an explicit test of the usefulness of a series of accounting variables taken together. Thank you project master. 1, pp. H1: Proper use of accounting information help business organizations in making efficient and effective decisions. This research study will help to maximize the beneficial impact of accounting information on the decision making process of an organization. Annals Of The University Of Oradea, Economic Science Series, 21(2), 694-699. (2002), “Accounting Standards volume II”, Somolu, Lagos.Simon, R. (1987), “Accounting Control Systems and Business Strategy: An Empirical Analysis”, Accounting Organisation Society, vol. But because I was pressed for time, I became jittery when I did not receive feedbackd. Many people think that accounting is a highly technical field which can be understood only by professional accountants; actually nearly everyone practices accounting in one form or the other. If there are no alternatives, then no decision is required. 511 -525. Managerial decision-making and financial accounting information. and Kazeem, R.A. (1999), “Essential Book-keeping and Accounts”, Ikeja Lagos, Tonad Publishers. 0000003072 00000 n We conclude that the information is an indispensable resource for the development of successful and efficient business. Funding Female Careers: Are Women Financial Equals in the Workplace? ValueWalk also contains archives of famous investors, and features many investor resource pages.

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