I would love to try the PB & Honey on Wheat. What, you still want another entry? I’d rather pay a few pennies more and keep jobs here in the US. A glass of milk and a Smucker’s Uncrustable and you have a nice light lunch. DH would eat them if no one else will. Price: $30 for 3 pounds Wild-caught salmon is a high-protein dinner option that's healthier and more eco-friendly than the cheaper farm-raised stuff. We have them at Costco here, but only one flavor at a time. « And the winner is… What I like about Uncrustables is when my daughter wants a sandwich and I feel lazy…(lol), I can whip one out of the freezer, and have a snack in seconds! My first box was the Strawberry PB&J…Soft Bread + Sweet Jam = So Yummy! Neither Publix, its content provider nor the manufacturers assume any liability for inaccuracies, misstatements or omissions. I can buy Uncrustables at Kroger and Meijer in my area . 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. I haven’t tried these, but they look really good. I'm honestly surprised you even spend time on social media. Smucker's Uncrustables, Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jam Sandwich, 18 ct. We like the PB & Honey on Wheat at our house. It doesn’t get any better than grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup. I really like that Uncrustables are so fast and easy to make! I want to try the Peanut butter and Honey on Wheat. I can find Uncrustables at a local Publix store. There's an Uncrustables ® Sandwich to please everyone in your unstoppable family. Bean would be very sad to loose her friend. we love the pb&j ones but we would love to try the grilled cheese!! I didnt even know there were other flavors! I have never tried Uncrustables, but they sound just what we may need in our household, as my son is bugging me every time we have sandwiches to “take off the crust, mama!!”. I love Smuckers jams & jellies, so I was thrilled to participate in a BzzAgent campaign to try out their Uncrustables. Thanks. I haven’t tried the Grilled Cheese Uncrustables, yet, but it sounds like an fast and easy way to enjoy one of my favorite anytime-snacks. When the outer 8% of a loaf of bread just goes to waste, including the two end pieces (“not the HEEL, daddy! Our faves are the pbj and grilled cheese! Meal Plan Monday in MA ». I didn’t know they make PB & Honey on Wheat! mrs.mommyyatgmaildotcom. My family loves these! My son is allergic to nuts so I guess we would try the grilled cheese. 6 g protein. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. I love the original: the Grape PB&J. I’d love to try the grilled cheese ones. No high fructose corn syrup. So the answer is: PB & Grape! Thaw 30-60 minutes at room temperature (refrigeration will quickly dry out the bread). PB&J rules! Available in select zip codes or locations. Non GMO/GE: Certified by NSF. On a side note – Pampered Chef has a great little sandwich cutter that makes uncrustables. Thanks for the giveaway! No Crusts! wow neat! I like how good they taste considering how easy they are to “prepare”. I rarely get these, but they’ve definitely been an emergency meal since they’ve been sold at my places of work. Patent awarded in 1998, first sandwiches launched in 2000, first flavors were grape and strawberry. my son loves anything strawberry so strawberry pb&J for me. My favorite thing about Uncrustables is they’re the perfect snack size -and- convenient! I want the peanut butter and grape jelly ones. I definitely want to try the grilled cheese! We love the peanut butter and jelly, both the grape and strawberry but I would love ti try the grilled cheese. PB & Honey on Wheat … PS: Whoever “invented” Uncrustables is a genius. i love them cuz they’re so soft and ooey-gooey and they don’t make a mess. I recently realized that they have Grilled Cheese and i am excited to try it:), I think they are great for a snack because they are quick and easy. And, as the name implies, there is no crust. I usually get mine from Harris Teeter, Bi-Lo or Food Lion. I love how I can take out a frozen sandwich in the morning & by lunch it is the perfect temperature. We purchase the grape PB & J ones all the time at Walmart. So, picky little eaters are satisfied . My youngest kids would prefer the Grape PB&J or the Grilled Cheese. It has to be Grilled Cheese, my grandkids favorite. It ain't pretty. Peanut butter and honey on wheat sounds like a great one to try! I usually purchase Uncrustables at Walmart or Costco. Thanks for stopping by! I didn’t know they made anything other than PB&J in the Uncrustables. All of the flavor options sound really good, but, I would like to try the peanut butter one. Haven’t tried these yet because of the cost, but would love to try…PB&J excellent in any form. I currently put them in tupperware containers. 4 soft bread sandwiches. I guess they had added other kinds and discontinued the cheese one. I would even eat them frozen. Smuckers uncrustables is the best i love the original pb and j yyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because of this thread I asked my kids last night if they had ever had one and they both YELLED "YESSSSSS!! I LOVE these…love the taste…and my favorite thing is how convenient they are. You can get 2 boxes of 10 for less than 1 box of 18 at Costco. Thanks for having the contest! I would love to try the peanut butter and strawberry jelly! YUM! Thanks for a nice sweep. Thank you for the chance to win . . My daughter would most likely love to try the grilled cheese ones. The PB & Honey on Wheat sounds yummy! Alicia Webster This 18-count snack food pack comes with 18 single serve sandwiches that are individually wrapped for anytime snacking and have 6 grams of protein (5% DV)* per serving. I’m actually intrigued by the grilled cheese ones. My store doesn’t carry any other flavors. The pj and strawberry are the best ones I think! Thanks! I love the traditional ones…have to stay with the PB and Grape Jelly ones…, Oops, I mean my family loves the traditional ones! I really want to try the grilled cheeese uncrustables, thanks! What I like about them is there portability. A store where I can buy Uncrustables is Albertsons. Please recycle. I would love to try the grilled cheese ones. I love the ease of preparation and the taste is great! Ok then, leave a third comment that names a store where you can buy Uncrustables, (use the flavor finder on the Smuckers site to help you out). Cheapism Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon . Thanks! Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam really sounds good. I think I would like to try the grill cheese. $11.99 $ 11. The PB and grape is very good, but I’d like to try the PB & Honey on Wheat. I haven’t tried them yet but they sound tasty and quick. I love Uncrustables, because my kids love them. No high fructose corn syrup. 99. Sandwich Cutter and Sealer, Uncrustables Decruster Sandwich Maker, 6 in 1 DIY Sandwich Cutters for Kids, Boys and Girls, Great for Lunchbox and Bento Box, Red. Believe it or not I have never eaten these! Wrong on all counts. But you're right, just because it is on social media doesn't mean it's true. I could eat all the grilled cheese ones right now without thinking twice. Do not microwave. Thaw & eat. Thanks again for the giveaway and ability to enter multiple times! Thanks for the giveaway! We love the Grape PB & J here, all of us. Sadly, social media is a big part my job now. Not saying it was the only one introduced then. Just tried the PB&J Grape last week, would love to try others I think I will try PB&J Strawberry next, thanks for the giveaway and I just want to say I was really amazed at how good these are, great snack in a hurry. They really love these. Nothing can stop you when you've got this sandwich in hand. He is just posing for the photo. My kids are 28 and 32 now, so been years since I bought them. By selecting the smartlabel icon, you will leave www.publix.com and enter the Grocery Manufacturers Association website that they operate and control. Sounds great. I can buy these at my local military commissary. grilled cheese, YUM!!!! I would love to try the PB & Honey on wheat. If winner doesn’t claim prize within 3 days, I’ll pick a new winner. They play out fine when supported by the evidence. Although I love pb&j I would love to try the pb and honey on wheat. Gross. i love that i can grab one and hand it to the child without having to make a mess in the kitchen. My kids would love the strawberry p&j. Uncrustables® Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jam Sandwiches are a convenient, packable snack to take along wherever you and your kids are going next. When introduced all they had were the cheese ones. See nutrition information for fat, saturated fat, and sodium content. 4 soft bread sandwiches. Convenient cooking and easy storage put frozen food at the top of the list for handy grocery buys, and Costco has an abundance of great deals on a wide variety of items. close to you that carry it. Yummy, yummy, yummy! Nope, not buying it. Per Sandwich: 210 calories; 1.5 sat fat (8% DV); 220 mg sodium (9% DV); 9 g total sugars.

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