If you're currently competitive for SUNY Cobleskill, you should have no problem getting into these schools. Science/Forestry | Farmingdale | FIT | Fredonia | Geneseo | Maritime | Morrisville | New Paltz | Old Westbury | Oneonta | Oswego | Plattsburgh | Polytechnic | Potsdam | Purchase | Stony Brook. We've divided them into 3 categories depending on how hard they are to get into, relative to SUNY Cobleskill. Click below to learn more about how superscoring critically affects your test strategy. Apply online. If SUNY Cobleskill is currently out of your reach, you might already be competitive for these schools. With a GPA of 3, SUNY Cobleskill Send us your transcript. year, Conference, Regional & National Athletic Championships. A Comprehensive Guide. People Search (Faculty, Staff, Grad Students). If you want to get in, the first thing to look at is the acceptance rate. But now what? Your hall assignment will be available on eRezLife at the end of July. For any questions, please contact the Wellness Center at wellnesscenter@cobleskill.edu or 518-255-5225. You have until the end of the first week of classes to make changes to Located in Cobleskill, New York, the school is about 50 miles east of Albany. Privacy Policy | Information | Webmaster, A campus of the State University of New York This score makes SUNY Cobleskill Moderately Competitive for ACT scores. offices, so be sure to check your new SUNY Cobleskill email regularly. Refer to the NOTES below for further information on the transfer agreement between ESF and SUNY Cobleskill. In the months leading Most schools require the SAT or ACT, and many also require SAT subject tests. How does superscoring change your test strategy? program directly from guidance office). degree should complete BIOL112+BIOL112X for their biology requirement. Other materials required include transcripts, letters of recommendation, SAT or ACT scores, and a personal statement. At PrepScholar, we've created the leading online SAT/ACT prep program. If you're interested in SUNY Cobleskill, you'll probably be interested in these schools as well. SUNY Cobleskill has the Score Choice policy of "Highest Section.". Therefore, if your SAT superscore is currently below a 870, we strongly recommend that you consider prepping for the SAT and retaking it. class. microbiology. Pick your test: Pending required portfolio review, additional credit may be granted for the following: Foundation Design Studio I (LSA226 at ESF), Foundation Design Studio II (LSA227 at ESF). Some of the most popular include: Wildlife Science and Management, Education, Business Administration, and Agricultural Sciences. to prepare you for the semester ahead – both in the classroom and in campus life. Virtual appointments are one-on-one sessions with an admissions counselor who can help answer any individual questions you have about the college. School of Business andLiberal Arts & Sciences. is meant to guide you with resources as you make your final decision to attend SUNY The acceptance rate at SUNY Cobleskill is 94%. Gather and Submit Official Academic Documents. It's time to get started: design your future here. for a visa interview. PHYS211+PHYS211X & PHYS212+PHYS212X will fulfill the program requirements and are recommended for students planning on graduate programs. Enforcement website >>Then, send the Office of International Education a message with the details on your arrival date/time.For more information about planning your arrival, what to pack for college, and traveling What are SUNY Cobleskill's admission requirements? The acceptance rate at SUNY Cobleskill is 94%. Copyright © 2020, Administrative Updates; Policies & Procedures, American Chestnut Research and Restoration Project, American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing, CCDR—Center for Community Design Research, CCLP—Center for Cultural Landscape Preservation, Center for Native Peoples and the Environment, Council for Geospatial Modeling and Analysis, E-Center: Environmental Resources from SUNY-ESF, Employers: Post Job & Internship Listings, Environmental Decision Making, Graduate Certificate in, Environmental and Forest Biology, Department of, Environmental Resources Engineering, Department of, Experiential Learning & Outreach, Office of, High School Students: Application and Admission, Michael M. Szwarc Polymer Research Institute, Native Peoples and the Environment, Center for, N.C. Brown Center for Ultrastructure Studies, Paper and Bioprocess Engineering, Department of, Policies & Procedures; Administrative Updates, QUEST- Quantifying Uncertainty in Ecosystem Studies, Success - Student, Faculty and Alumni stories, Sustainability Management, BS Online Program, USDA Forest Service Urban Forest Research Unit, Writing, Rhetoric and Commumications Program, Admission Information for Undocumented Students, Back to Cooperative Transfer Colleges page, Biology w/ Lab or Chemistry I w/ Lab or Physics I w/ Lab, BIOL112+BIOL112X * or CHEM101+CHEM101X or CHEM111+CHEM111X or PHYS111+PHYS111X, English Composition II or English Literature, ENGL215 or ENGL216 or ENGL221 or ENGL223 or ENGL225 or ENGL241 or ENGL320, Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus or Calculus I, Biology II w/ Lab or Chemistry I w/ Lab or Physics I w/ Lab, Organic Chemistry II or Physics II or Calculus II, CHEM232+CHEM232X or PHYS112+PHYS112X or MATH232, Microbiology (Environmental Microbiology), Chemistry I w/ Lab or Survey of Chemical Principles, Microbiology (EFB303 Environmental Microbiology at ESF), Biology II  w/ Lab or Environmental Geology*, Ecology w/ Lab To get the specific details and information you’ll need to begin the admissions process A strong overall academic record and successful completion of either or both of these sequences will also improve an applicant’s likelihood of admission to this degree program. SUNY Cobleskill considers the SAT Essay/ACT Writing section optional and may not include it as part of their admissions consideration. They must SUNY Cobleskill admits 78% of those who apply each year, making it largely accessible to applicants. Submit your official high school and/or college transcripts or GED/TASC scores, and Check out CAS’s website to complete the online meal plan contract (to accept Many schools, as explained above, also require SAT and ACT scores, as well as letters of recommendation, application essays, and interviews. This is based on the school's average score. Phone: 518-743-2264 E-mail: admission@sunyacc.edu, Phone: 518-442-5435 E-mail: ugadmissions@albany.edu, Phone: 607-587-4215 / 800-4ALFRED E-mail: admissions@alfredstate.edu, Phone: 607-871-2115 / 800-541-9229 E-mail: admissions@alfred.edu, Phone: 607-777-2171 E-mail: admit@binghamton.edu, Phone: 585-395-2751 E-mail: admit@brockport.edu, Phone: 607-778-5001 E-mail: admissions@sunybroome.edu, Phone: 716-645-6900 / 888-UB-ADMIT E-mail: ub-admissions@buffalo.edu, Phone: 716-878-4017 E-mail: admissions@buffalostate.edu, Phone: 315-386-7123 / 800-388-7123 E-mail: admissions@canton.edu, Phone: 315-255-1743 / 315-592-4143 E-mail: admissions@cayuga-cc.edu, Phone: 518-562-4170 / 800-552-1160 E-mail: admissions@clinton.edu, Phone: 518-255-5525 / 800-295-8988 E-mail: admissions@cobleskill.edu, Phone: 518-828-4181 x3427 E-mail: admissions@sunycgcc.edu, Phone: 607-255-2036 E-mail: cals_admissions@cornell.edu, Phone: 607-255-5471 E-mail: humec_admissions@cornell.edu, Phone: 607-255-2222 E-mail: ilr_admissions@cornell.edu, Phone: 607-253-3700 E-mail: vet_admissions@cornell.edu, Phone: 607-962-9151 E-mail: admissions@corning-cc.edu, Phone: 607-753-4711 E-mail: admissions@cortland.edu, Phone: 607-746-4550 / 800-96DELHI E-mail: enroll@delhi.edu, Phone: 718-270-2446 E-mail: admissions@downstate.edu, Phone: 845-431-8010 E-mail: admissions@sunydutchess.edu, Phone: 800-847-3000 E-mail: admissions@esc.edu, Phone: 315-470-6600 / 800-777-7373 E-mail: esfinfo@esf.edu, Phone: 716-851-1ECC E-mail: info@ecc.edu, Phone: 934-420-2200 / 877-4FARMINGDALE E-mail: admissions@farmingdale.edu, Phone: 212-217-3760 E-mail: fitinfo@fitnyc.edu, Phone: 585-394-3500 x7278 E-mail: admissions@flcc.edu, Phone: 716-673-3251 / 800-252-1212 E-mail: admissions@fredonia.edu, Phone: 518-736-3622 E-mail: geninfo@fmcc.suny.edu, Phone: 585-345-6800 / 866-CALL-GCC E-mail: admissions@genesee.edu, Phone: 585-245-5571 / 866-245-5211 E-mail: admissions@geneseo.edu, Phone: 315-866-0300 / 888-464-4222 (NY) E-mail: admissions@hccc.suny.edu, Phone: 518-629-7309 / 877-325-HVCC E-mail: admissions@hvcc.edu, Phone: 716-665-5220 / 800-388-8557 E-mail: admissions@mail.sunyjcc.edu, Phone: 716-376-7501 / 800-388-9776 E-mail: admissions@mail.sunyjcc.edu, Phone: 315-786-2277 / 888-435-6522 E-mail: admissions@sunyjefferson.edu, Phone: 718-409-7221 / 800-642-1874 / 800-654-1874 (NYC) E-mail: admissions@sunymaritime.edu, Phone: 315-792-5354 / 800-733-6822 (NY) E-mail: admissions@mvcc.edu, Phone: 585-292-2200 E-mail: admissions@monroecc.edu, Phone: 315-684-6046 / 800-258-0111 E-mail: admissions@morrisville.edu, Phone: 516-572-7345 E-mail: admissions@ncc.edu, Phone: 845-257-3200 / 888-639-7589 E-mail: admissions@newpaltz.edu, Phone: 716-614-6200 E-mail:  admissions@niagaracc.suny.edu, Phone: 518-891-2915 / 888-879-6222 E-mail: admissions@nccc.edu, Phone: 516-876-3073 E-mail: enroll@oldwestbury.edu, Phone: 607-436-2524 / 800-SUNY-123 E-mail: admissions@oneonta.edu, Phone: 315-498-2201 / 315-498-2OCC E-mail: occinfo@sunyocc.edu, Phone: 212-938-5500 / 800-291-3937 E-mail: admissions@sunyopt.edu, Phone: 845-341-4030 E-mail: apply@sunyorange.edu, Phone: 315-312-2250 E-mail: admiss@oswego.edu, Phone: 518-564-2040 / 888-673-0012 E-mail: admissions@plattsburgh.edu, Phone: 315-267-2180 / 877-POTSDAM E-mail: admissions@potsdam.edu, Phone: 914-251-6300 E-mail: admissions@purchase.edu, Phone: 845-574-4224 / 800-722-7666 E-mail: info@sunyrockland.edu, Phone: 518-381-1366 E-mail: admissions@sunysccc.edu, Phone: 631-632-6868 E-mail: enroll@stonybrook.edu, Phone: 631-444-2111 E-mail: hscstudentservices@stonybrook.edu, Phone: 631-451-4000 E-mail: admissions@sunysuffolk.edu, Phone: 845-434-5750 / 800-577-5243 x4287 E-mail: sccc@sullivan.suny.edu, Phone: 315-792-7500 E-mail: admissions@sunypoly.edu, Phone: 607-844-6580 / 888-567-8211 E-mail: admissions@tompkinscortland.edu, Phone: 845-687-5022 / 800-724-0833 E-mail: admissions@sunyulster.edu, Phone: 315-464-4570 / 800-736-2171 E-mail: admiss@upstate.edu, Phone: 914-606-6735 E-mail: admissions@sunywcc.edu, SUNY System Administration

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