Copyright ©2020. • 565 Black Metallic. We’ve seen the change from 21 to 22 frets in one step, and then from a maple to a rosewood fretboard in another step. These templates are based on the original blueprints and cut on a very accurate CNC machine. This Affinity has (just like the standard) a jack cup. Comes with Body and Neck template. • 509 Candy Apple Red Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Bridge and Neck Pickups, Position 3. All Rights Reserved. All rear routed bodies are supplied with a recessed cover plate and mounting screws. The information in this article will hopefully shed some more light on the Affinity and Standard Telecaster models from this era. The second and third version from 2000 (and all years since then) have the “thick” font. Squier only offer the Standard with a rosewood fretboard (vs a choice of maple or rosewood with the Affinity). A celebration of the birth of the Tele® in the early 1950s, the Classic Vibe ‘50s Telecaster creates incredible tone courtesy of the Fender-Designed alnico single-coil pickups. Somewhere in 2000 the Affinity got a maple fretboard (without skunk stripe). Try searching a different location below or contact Fender Customer Service at 800-856-9801. It would be very unlikely that this would have been done to make things cheaper. Contrary to other 2000 Affinity telecaster this guitar has a dual load (top-load and string-through) bridge, and flush string ferrules. In 2001 the transformation got finalized, and this resulted in a Squier Standard, that really could be called a “Standard” telecaster. The "Standard Telecaster" dates back to 1990 under various part numbers. So I’m assuming this was done to “solve” something. For the purposes of this article the the focus will be on Squier Telecasters starting 1996. Unfortunately, the ProTone Telecasters were in direct competition with the Fender branded guitars, which was hurting sales. The 1999 price list mentions a “top-load” bridge, while in fact, it was a dual-load bridge: both top load an string-through is possible, and the string ferrules were installed. It is made in Indonesia. This telecaster is very similar to the 2012-2017 pack Affinity. This instrument offers a slim “C”-shaped neck profile for a comfortable playing feel. ... Cavity depth is 1-1/2" leaving a face thickness of 1/4". The other colors remained for much longer: Only an image of with sealed tuners could be found in 2001 for the Affinity Tele. This model features Fender-Designed alnico single-coil pickups for authentic Fender tone. This was certainly still the case in 2003, 2004, 2005 respectively as seen in the image below. The durable nickel-plated hardware adds a deep, rich throwback look to the instrument. It also has the typical distance between the 12th fret markers for the Indonesian production at that time. They were produced in China and Indonesia, respectively. During the year there are three different versions of the Squier Standard Telecaster. Even though not listed any price list or documentation there appears to be at least one batch in a very nice baby-blue color. The only thing that was changed back and forth was the bridge. During this time, a version of the “Standard” Squier Telecaster was produced in Mexico (013-2302). Cavity depth is 1-1/2" leaving a face thickness of 1/4" except in the area of the switch where the thickness is only.090". (unlike the Standard). The vintage-style pickups on the Affinity, along with its maple neck and thinner, lighter body, contribute to a slightly sharper, snappier attack than the Standard. Other pictures have shown a black tele made in Indonesia in 2000 as well. Our verdict is usually framed by what users around the web say. . In 2000 the production line was changed gradually from one model to another. The first were produced in 1999, and during the year 2000, the model was completely changed. No doubt this will cause many more questions to be asked. The “TELECASTER” name is visible in a thin font. (maple neck, sealed tuners). Affinities from this era though do have some issues; different angle of the bridge pickup, far from perfect ferrule drilling location (usually close, but sometimes it is really bad). They appear to be a continuation of the other Yako-made Affinity teles. Although uncertain, it appears these are the first guitars Fenders buys in Indonesia. The 6 barrel-saddles were replaced with block saddles.

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