June 2003 Biomimetic lifeforms' homecoming. A story that was under consideration by the writing staff of Star Trek: Voyager involved "Silver Blood" duplicates of the USS Voyager's crew, biomimetic lifeforms that would ultimately appear in the episodes "Demon" and "Course: Oblivion".The undeveloped plot would have featured the duplicates being welcomed "back" to the Alpha Quadrant. by Pocket Books. Set in the 24th century, the series follows the adventures on Deep Space Nine, a space station located near a stable wormhole between the Alpha and Gamma quadrants of the Milky Way Galaxy, in orbit of the planet Bajor. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Endgame" may have wrapped some things up nicely, but there were also a number of plot holes created by the episode. 262 Homecoming is a Pocket VOY novel the first novel set after the conclusion of the television series written by Christie Golden. I've dabbled here and there and imho the stories just go downhill from here. I have faith in humanity's future again. The first half of this book is engrossing in so far as it fills in the gap from canon and satiates my desire to see the Voyager crew reunite with their friends and family. Pocket VOY We’ve returned to Earth. "The Homecoming" is the 21st episode of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I am reviewing this together with The Father Shore. In 2015, Geek.com recommended this episode as "essential watching" for their abbreviated Star Trek: Deep Space Nine binge-watching guide, they noted that this episode is part of a trilogy that includes the first three episodes of the second season,[2] ("The Homecoming", "The Circle", and "The Siege"). This is a. Voyager begins its long journey home, the crew hopes to find a faster way to get home like finding a Wormhole, or other technology that would make Voyager faster. I've got some guesses as to what happens in the conclusion (this is a two-part story) and who the villain is. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Fortunately we have the novels to fill the void. Christie Golden really likes and understands the characters from Voyager and handles the post-show wrapping up of Voyager's loose ends very strongly. Not earth shattering and they rarely deviate from established character traits, but Star Trek books are a pleasant enough diversion. It's a perfect Voyager's home story. And then ... the book really drags and becomes just another story for almost the length of the entire first novel. Until now. ", says Harry Kim). It is the first of a three-part story arc, and the first episode of the second season. Biomimetic lifeforms' homecoming. It nicely describes how the crew was reunited with friends and family, and, as would be expected, it starts a new storyline which is, at times, suspenseful and interesting. The author takes the storylines that have yet to be finished and tries to give all the characters some much needed closure that the series finale denied them. After re-watching the television series, I was happy to have found this book and all of the subsequent novels. [4], "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "The Homecoming, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine condensed: How to watch the most story-driven Trek", "A binge-watching guide to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Kira Nerys", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=The_Homecoming_(Star_Trek:_Deep_Space_Nine)&oldid=947391788, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (season 2) episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television episode articles with short description for single episodes, Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 March 2020, at 00:59. Attribution But all that’s changed. https://scifi-timeline.fandom.com/wiki/Star_Trek:_Voyager?oldid=4861. It's not good. The two books contain a single story. Superb!! After a trip to Bajor, Li Nalas returns with Minister Jaro Essa of the provisional government. Award-winning author Christie Golden has written over thirty novels and several short stories in the fields of science fiction, fantasy and horror. O'Brien pretends to solicit Kira to one of the soldiers, tricking him into lowering the force field that surrounds the camp. I found the writing and storyline extremely stale. We’d love your help. If you want a semi-official answer then then this series of "relaunch" novels are for you. Home | About | Android Apps | Book Reviews | Profiles | Contact | Privacy, Kicking Lettuce. Outside of a "to be continued.." type ending in the first, there is really no sense of difference. Christie Golden . The only part of this entire series that I liked was B'Elanna's storyline - it's the only part that remained at least somewhat true to character. Whatever, it was another insane pencil-pusher boss. Two additional novels based on Voyager's return are Homecoming and The Farther Shore, both by Christie Golden. To create our... After seven long years in the Delta Quadrant, the crew of the starship 'Voyager' now confront the strangest world of all: home. I watched every episode when they first aired but I've never rewatched Voyager. I have faith in humanity's future again. And then it went downhill fast. Star Trek: Voyager is set in the Delta Quadrant on the U.S.S. Series: "Homecoming" is a faithful attempt to pick up the story of ST:VOY where it ended at the conclusion of "Endgame". paperback - June 2003 For Admiral Kathryn Janeway and her stalwart officers, Voyager's miraculous return brings new honors and responsibilities, reunions with long-lost loved ones, and for some, such as the Doctor and Seven of Nine, the challenge of forging new lives in a Federationthat seems to hold little place for them. She tried to brand every face into her brain, every word, every expression. www.kickinglettuce.com 2003 - 2020. Voyager NCC-74656. Star Trek Voyager was my personal favorite series out of all of them, and I found both Part 1 and 2 of Homecoming to be the perfect ending to a less than perfect ending. Li is being held on the desert planet Cardassia IV, so Kira requests a runabout for a rescue mission. Same author, plot lines, etc. https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Homecoming_(novel)?oldid=2566132. This is my first foray into the Voyager relaunch novels. However, the title means little; seeing Li as a threat to their power, the politicians have made him liaison officer to DS9 and "promoted" Kira to Bajor, where they believe she can pose them no more danger. Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. I love Captain Janeyway and her crew but man alive! Or admiral, or something. There's three major plot lines going on at once: B'Elanna Torres's search for her mother, a hologram-uprising for which the Doctor is blamed, and a mysterious plague affecting random Earth inhabitants. Refresh and try again. Just what I wanted that the last ep didn't give. Need another excuse to treat yourself to a new book this week? How will Seven be treated? When the crew leaves the ship and returns home for the first time, they are greeted, and you get the expected promotions ("Finally! Ending without showing the bulk of Voyager's homecoming raised a lot of questions about what may have happened to the crew after they got back to Earth.Because of being stranded in the Delta Quadrant, Voyager's crew were able to break some rules they wouldn't have been … Bu… Homecoming is a Pocket VOY novel – the first novel set after the conclusion of the television series – written by Christie Golden. All Rights Reserved. [3] They note that in this episode a Bajoran extremist group is conducting attacks to challenge the new provisional Post-Occupation government of planet Bajor, forcing Kira to go all out to prevent a civil war, according to SyFy. I trusted all of you; I knew all of you. The series answered, nothing. I wished that there was more action in the Paris/Torres arena as I am an avid P/T'er but other then that the book was quite entertaining. ISBN 074346754X There was also a major plot point of Sevenbo of Nine meeting of regeneration chamber when she clearly no longer needs a regeneration chamber by the end of the Voyager series. The return of the lost starship is of little concern to Starfleet, as rebuilding after the war has taken main stage, at least for the moment. Voyager (Pocket VOY)

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