Renner Racing Development currently outsources some of its machine work on blocks and cylinder heads, but does everything else in-house for nearly every sort of Subaru build. Since I'm a chick I have been tricked into paying for stuff that I didn't need at other garages. I’ve had issues with this before and thought my Sunday Track Day was over unless I could find someone to fix it on a Saturday?? Very Happy. !the boys went above and beyond!! Cannot recommend these guys enough. Had my Gen V Liberty engine, transmission and suspension upgraded (had engine failure last year- and I wanted that car back on the road) - ADS followed up all correspondence when I first was looking at how to go about getting the vehicle on the road before any deposit or commitment to the project- no other place was anywhere near the level of professionalism of these guys(others gave ambiguous answers or didn't return calls)- Isaac was great to discuss and understand options for the build. Outfront Motorsports Subaru Performance On-Road and Off-Road Parts Store . I’ll be recommending them for years to come. My car broke down and I happened to be not too far from ADS. The replacement engine performs perfectly and I'm very, very satisfied with the engine that was supplied as the replacement. I want to specifically extend my thanks to Isaac & Reuben for all their hard work and putting up with my annoyance & constantly breathing down their necks during the whole proces!! ANYDAY!!! These guys at all drive subaroo if anything like Rob are lifesavers and great people its great to know there are still people out there willing to help someone out and do it for nothing. I ordered a reconditioned gearbox for my daughter's 2008 Forester and collected it last Friday. All Drive Subaroo over MRT “Right now, it’s strictly a Time Attack car,” Damyan says. For all things Subaru call ADS now and give your pride and joy the treatment it deserves!! I get all 3 of my cars service here, wouldn't take it anywhere else. I rang these guys to talk about a problem im having with my '04 Forester pinging and was told to bring it out and well take a look . They knew exactly what they were doing and kept me in the loop throughout the whole job. I would have been ready to pay anything for their effort and getting me to my Trackday the next day where apart from being disappointed I would have lost $300 not being there. I was very impressed with the amout of knowledge he had and realised how much more affordable the build would be with them. Notice the lack of any open space around the water jackets (only coolant ports), providing full support around the top of the cylinder walls. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with the team thay relly know there stuff and i live in central QLD and thay made the whole experience a breeze and would highly recommend to anybody who need good service and Subaru parts. Ive dealt with Mark, Nazai and Isaac and no ones made me feel stupid for asking questions. A super-fine tungsten carbide is then used to machine the insert to collaborate with our designated block tolerances. A big shout out to all the boys here. This place and people are amazing ! Car went in for a simple turbo upgrade but they opened my eyes to the true problem which i had been putting off, the engine bay was a mess of hoses splitting/cracking and running in all the wrong places, combined with many other dodgy jobs from its previous life. My experience with All Drive Subaroo was excellent. Five stars , I got my 2016 WRX serviced here and I couldn’t be happier. a short block only includes the bottom end of an engine, or the block, crank, and pistons. With after great service and advice. customer service was horrible told me one price for a part I come the next day to pick it up completely different price, Niazi really knew his stuff , great to deal with and got me back on the road ASAP . I was familiar with them, but had never been a customer prior. Thanks to all the team that made my engine replacement exhaust and brake up grade a breeze love your work gentlemen. Although this offers considerably greater support than the factory semi-closed deck or open deck design, it can be significantly enhanced. ADS teams up with one of the great names in racing to produce bullet-proof engines. One of our most successful products/services we have developed is the “CLOSE DECKING” of the Subaru 2.0 & 2.5 Litre EJ series engines. They fixed it on the “insert model year here”. The EK series was a inline twin cylinder engine. Mark Hains is a really helpful and nice guy who would go out of his way just to help with my 04 wrx and i got to admit the professional quality with all drive subaroo is top stuff, they know what they are doing. We’ve followed him all the way to ADS and would be willing to go further if we had to. My son will be given strict instructions that his car is only to go to you guys for any maintenance/service needs that it may require Exceptional worksmanship and communication during the process. He’s literally the one doing all the work when it comes to the race car.”. The Subaru EJ engine is a series of four-stroke automotive engines manufactured by Subaru.They were introduced in 1989, intended to succeed the previous Subaru EA engine.The EJ series is the mainstay of Subaru's engine line, with all engines of this series being 16-valve horizontal flat-fours, with configurations available for single, or double-overhead camshaft arrangements (SOHC or DOHC). Structurally supportive ‘stems’ are placed at the top of each cylinder, significantly increasing bore strength and resistance to combustion cycle attrition. I can not speak more highly of All Drive Subaru. 's. I didn’t want to leave without paying for there service but they insisted. GUYS DID AN AMAZING JOB ON MY 96 SUBARU OUTBACK 2.5 Adam and all the guys helped me out with a pinion and crown wheel for my 2015WRX along with some great advice. Service is next to none, quick and efficent. If you own a Subaru these are the guys. Rang these guys today for some technical advice. Good price, Thoroughly recommended. It was Hard to start. When Subaru came to the U.S. market, my dad immediately transitioned over to Subaru.”. Keep up the good work guys. Under high boost and power output, the explosive pressure inside the cylinders on the power strokes can distort the bore, preventing the pistons from moving freely and causing premature engine failure. I'll definitely be going back there from now on !!! The EJ22T is 91-94 USDM Legacy Turbo engine. Overview of products and services. Monster Short Block (Sleeved Closed Deck) New EJ22 Closed Deck Engine Cases with piston squirters (No Core Charge)* New STi Crankshaft, checked and trued to les than 0.0005” run-out; Ductile Iron Cylinder Sleeves; TechWorks High-Quench Forged Pistons (99.5mm)

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