A self-report survey was also administered. If you’ve ever searched for anatomical representations of zygomaticus major, you may have noticed that some diagrams look like this: The latter is an example of a zygomaticus major with two insertion points – the suspected culprit behind dimpled smiles. Germany +49 (0)30-92030820 | germany@imotions.com, United States New York: Oxford University Press. Depressor labii inferioris. Interestingly, there are psychophysiological parameters which broadly define whether or not the smile is seen as genuine or not – spontaneous smiles are often shown for shorter durations (about 4-6 seconds), have a slower offset, and are more symmetrical than deliberate smiles [3]. Along with risorius, zygomaticus major contributes to laughing, which is … The zygomaticus major muscle starts at … En fait, d'après la présente étude, les le muscle majeur zygomatique double ou bifide représente un variation relativement courante. The most frequently observed facial dimples are smile-based dimples. Emotion in Stories: Facial EMG Evidence for Both Mental Simulation and Moral Evaluation. 31 & 32. Similarly, a negative relationship was found with corrugator supercilii activity (the frowning muscle), and positive stimuli. Before getting into the details, it is necessary to clarify which interpretation of “dimple” I am referring to. Psychophysiology, 40(5), 776-785. doi: 10.1111/1469-8986.00078. Key facts about the zygomaticus minor muscle; Origin (Anterior part of) Lateral aspect of zygomatic bone: Insertion: Blends with muscles of upper lip (medial to zygomaticus major muscle) Action: Elevates upper lip, exposes maxillary teeth: Innervation: Zygomatic and buccal branches of facial nerve (CN VII) Blood supply: Superior labial branch of the facial artery Si ma mémoire est bonne - on l'appellera "pince-lèvres" - ou quelque chose de ce genre. All of this goes to say that this area has a lot to do with our appearances, when active and inactive. Despite being a single muscle, a great deal of information can be obtained from activation of the zygomaticus major, and even more when the whole repertoire of facial expressions is taken into account. Image And Vision Computing, 32(10), 630-640. doi: 10.1016/j.imavis.2014.01.004, Europe Facial Expressions in Art, Science, & Technology. Actions: draws angle of mouth upward and laterally: Identifiers; Latin: musculus zygomaticus major: TA: A04.1.03.029: FMA: 46810: Anatomical terms of muscle [edit on Wikidata] The zygomaticus major is a muscle of the human body. ", "Zygomaticus Major Muscle Function, Origin & Anatomy", 10.1002/(SICI)1098-2353(1998)11:5<310::AID-CA3>3.0.CO;2-T, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Zygomaticus_major_muscle&oldid=946721340, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 March 2020, at 00:25. The muscle sits atop the zygomatic bone, otherwise known as the cheekbone. CEO: Peter Hartzbech.

If you’re familiar with FACS (Facial Action Coding System) terms, you will know that the “dimpler” action or AU14, is caused by the contraction of the buccinator muscle. Insertion. Again, amazing work Melinda! that a widened mouth and raised eyebrows are associated with surprise). Risorious. Automatic facial expression analysis on the other hand allows the detection of all facial muscle movement, and can even provide a calculation of how these combined movements give rise to complex facial expressions that are associated with discrete emotions (e.g. Depressor Anguli Oris. Effects of positive and negative affect on electromyographic activity over zygomaticus major and corrugator supercilii. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Before getting into the details, it is necessary to clarify which interpretation of “dimple” I am referring to. The researchers found that it was not only possible to classify zygomaticus major activation / smiling responses across a majority of the recordings (despite inevitable problems associated with reduced experimental control – poor lighting, increased participant movement etc), but also that accurate predictions of “liking” and “desire to view again” could be made solely from this data. In fact, from the present study, the double or bifid zygomaticus major muscle represents a relatively common variation. One such study that examined this in more details was by Larsen and other researchers in 2003 [4]. The zygomaticus major inserts into the skin of the angle of the mouth, blending with fibers …

It is a muscle of facial expression which draws the angle of the mouth superiorly and posteriorly to allow one to smile. “ – Pessa et al. Variations in the zygomatic muscle are also known to cause dimples when smiling. Each AU explained , annotated and demonstrated with extreme clarity. Melinda has gone above and beyond to create what I feel is the ultimate resource guide for AU's. Ce post traite d'une variante du muscle majeur zygomatique et de ses effets sur les fossettes du sourire. la fossette, la fossette - ce n'est pas si simple. NOTE: The word “smile” has many interpretations. The zygomaticus major is a muscle of the human body. [2][3] It is thought that dimples are caused by bifid zygomaticus major muscle.[4]. One recent study compared facial muscle movements using fEMG and Affectiva by asking participants to display a set of emotions while one of the modalities was used [6]. Les fossettes du visage les plus fréquemment observées sont celles qui sont dues au sourire.

Origin: body of the mandible Insertion: skin of the chin Action: elevates, protracts, and depresses lower lip. A second report of this variation is from the plastic surgery literature, in which Zufferey (1992) found one case of a double zygomaticus major during cadaver dissection. For a topic that could have easily been boring, she inspired me to keep learning.

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