Now I don't have to worry putting chemical on my hair. After using and testing many bad qualities, and seeing people go through the struggle to buy pure herbs and Indigo, my research led me to procure and sell the best quality of Indigo for my clients, the same quality that I am now using. Mix well. Moreover, if you use Cassia paste immediately, then it does not release any color at all. Rinse clean and Now you may use conditioner to aid in removal, etc. Please reply. OMG, I’m so glad I did! For security reasons, you should not leave your email ID publically like this. Thanks! Hi Gangan..Ur doing really well job, Really appreciate it .where entire 60 to 70% world lagging of with these issues.Ur doing different with ur research..Good luck.Most of the people asking same questions mat be it makes u irritate i hope. Some of the red shades (Pure Henna, Wine Red, Mahogany) may express on dark hair (dark brown to black), but expect the result to be subtle. First of all Combine herbal henna powder and yogurt in a bowl and keep adding water slowly and stir it continuously until you have a thick paste. Your personal color combination may have unpredictable results. Yes to reap maximum benefits out of it, you need to use it regularly as it also provides protection from environmental damage and day to day wear tear. Create an account & speed up your future purchases! Dear Raj, please email us at so that we can send you our bank details. Hi Hagan,This is Shankar. 1. I had sent you a mail also.Thanks, Hello mamYour blog is just superb. It is available at Khadi stores as well 5. Naturally healthy, thick and shiny hair are rarely seen these days. Satisfied customer! We provide these herbs in 100 gms packing of excellent quality for a higher shelf life. Best ever! find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for colora henna powder … From now taking the roots till the tip of your hair apply the paste properly in all the sections of your hair. surely be it will help us. It is always advisable to do a patch test on the inside of your forearm before proceeding with colouring your hair. Once you are done putting up the paste well, in your entire sections just make a bun properly taking all the hair and just wear a shower cap. If you’ve dyed your own hair before at home then this will be very familiar to you. Waiting anxiously for your kind reply. If anyone deposits cash to our account without adding the bank fee, we will not process the order. left on henna for about 1/2 hour, rinsed, immediately applied 100% indigo and left on over night. If you do not really like the outcome and want to go for a soft brown/aburn colour, you can actually do it much quicker as you don’t need to process the hair dyes separately.This is what we need to do. It's a beautiful reddish orange, unlike the pale orange of regular brands. I do the 2 step indigo and Henna and it looks so natural. Victoria Vogue® But in case I am mistaken, please reach out to me at the email ID given under the 'Contact Me' tab above to proceed. I first dye my white roots with just wine henna color , let sit for 2 hours and then wash out .. Hi Gagan, my name is Arti. In case you are really considering shifting to Indigo, email me. It sounds like Super Vasmol Kesha Kala and from the usage instructions you have mentioned, I think it also has PPD like super vasmol kesh kala.Parlor women misguided me also for many years regarding Henna. 4. DO NOT USE WITH ANY METALLIC UTENSILS. Hi Gagan,Thanks a lott for your very informative guide. They get best colour after applying heena then Indigo powder.Fow few mixing up both works. Please send me the details of how to order. Colora® Henna Products Since henna has to be the base for Indigo to work, you cannot lay the foundation on a weak base. As long as you’re using all natural henna and henna-herbal products, you won’t have any problems. I remember once you were enticed to move on to hair colors but you managed to stay on this method and finally loving the results too <3, Hi GaganTruly amazing article, this is my first interaction with you. Will try. Or email me again to bring your message to the top of my inbox. Also, we got another order from the UK, seems you had recommended someone. 100% Indigofera Tinctoria (Natural indigo). When used the correct way, it glazes and coats a layer of protection on every single hair strand and actually makes your hair soft and silky. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. But yes, you can surely share with your elders who may be using hair colors for years. There was constant hairfall and each hair end was split into several split ends. We only send stuff of value. Hi Gagan, I am using your henna and indigo packs and am so happy with them. But I was going for a blue/green or grey so I tried a few locks on my dark ash blonde hair. And please note: these are pigments that do dye your hair. Where can I buy the henna and indigo online? Click the button below to add the Henna King Indigo Dark Blue to your wish list. Price: $7.00-$45.00. Amla Price Rs 1300/ Kg, Available in 100 gms packets + Shipping Charges if purchased alone. Cassia has almost the same properties as Henna except that it has a golden dye molecule which can be used to color blond hair. great post gagandeep;look forward to them and waiting excitedly for your reply to my query on henna and indigo.also, where can i buy indigo in delhi? Uses of Indigo Powder: 3. I followed the steps you guided me and the results were awesome, hair stays black and lasts for many days except that I need to retouch on the base once in 15 days. If you get Cassia, buy a small packet and do a patch test on your color treated hair to make sure what shade it gives. They have mentioned only the key ingredients which they are claiming to be natural, but in fact they have used those natural ingredients simply as a base for the chemical ingredients which will actually be coloring the hair. Dear Mam, I had received one email from you a few days back and today I have sent you the details. I have NO drying affect on my hair type but I have heard that some say lemon is drying. Not really. I also agree with an earlier review about the cap and gloves. I was so impressed that I decided to subscribe to your blog right away! Let us first look at some benefits of Indigo. Hi Manjiri, thanks for your emails and have replied to them within a day. Just read through the included application instructions thoroughly, or review on the website. I'm very happy to have found you.Thanks, God bless. No more burning and blistering as our henna contains no ammonia, metallic salts, or PPD's. Thanks. The first application I saw a slight difference after 2 hours of use but I wanted a deeper blue. application near the forehead, EXCEPT two months back i got my hair colored along the length also, but again it WAS ROOT TOUCHUP ONLY, for the new hair growth onlyQ1. 2. hi gagan,great article,want to try it out..could you please forward me detailed instructions and also online sites where I can get henna and indigo.I have never applied any hair color or henna for that do i use henna my hair waiting for your replythanxs aa. Methodically apply from back to front section. Waiting for ur reply . If you like black jet colour for your hair, you can first put Henna in your hair and without washing it you can apply indigo after that. Finally reached your blog and i m very happy to read about you. Copyright © 2020 Henna King. In the long run, this natural hair coloring method turns out much cheaper and completely safe as compared to chemical hair colors and will ultimately be the GO thing for everyone because no one can survive on chemical hair colors without facing any problems for more than a couple years max. (2)Scent: instead of reeking of noxious chemicals, it will smell like plants and herbs (strong & earthly while mixing, fades as you apply). Our Henna-Based Hair Dyes Are Your Best Choice: Award-winning herbs are freshly harvested, milled, & sealed—remain rich & potent. #3: (the success!!) I dont think there is any need to go to parlours for hair spas and splurge money. For details, please read the Blog Policy tab above. The depth of the color is absolutely stunning! Henna-based products will not lighten hair—zero harsh bleaching chemicals. There is a lot of info already given in the article and in the comments before yours regarding the purity, quality and lab testing. i am interested in buying henna and indigo from you. You will find my email ID there. Dear Neha, congratulations first of all. how to apply indigo powder on hair? how i can start this i want to purchase heena & indigo. • Use to darken any of our Henna Hair Dye colors. Hey Parul. Hi Gagan My name is Priya.I read your blog a few days back and i found it very nice as i have gray hair since i was in 8th class.I tried a lot of things but everytime i failed and then I started using henna but that gives orange colour to my hair and after reading your blog I decide to use indigo with henna but i am unable to find indigo in market.Please help me out and tell me where do I get indigo?

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