After long chain beam process sizing process start and here creel system also. As a thumb rule, concentration of total hydro should be min. Instead, a methodology offers the theoretical more about for understanding a system procedure or set of methods, or best practices can be applied to specific case, for example, to carried output. This is known as bar distorting. In Sinha denim ltd. there are two type of finishing process are used. We compare the Productivity process every stage with faults, wastage, production loss and actual production of Rope denim and Sheet denim. fordyeing of cotton in attractive and bright blue shades. 5. It has forward, reverse, start and stop button controls. Difference between Flat finishing and Regular finishing is 4 wash box are used in flat finishing but no wash box in regular finishing process. During Preparatiuon of stock vat, the following points must be remembered:  1. Creel content with set of beam, number of beam up to 16 or depends on requirement. Pure sizing: When sizing is done in yarn which produces unbleached fabric is called pure sizing. Backrest Roller Setting: Due to backrest roller setting the yarn breakage is also ups and down. 3.3 Rope Dyeing Denim: Rope Dyeing is a denim dyeing process where the productivity of dyeing is higher than slasher dyeing process. The primary procedure in the assembling of denim is twisting. Ball Warping means to wind the yarn in a particular ball at a uniform tension and yarn are stay as a ball. In both process weaving are same and complete by picanol omniplus800. In direct warping section the majority of machine stoppage occur due to loose yarn, bad knotting, bad slub, pig tail, entanglement, cut cone, thin place, tension variation, dust, weak yarn etc. Reasons of Majority production loss: During weaving the majority yarn breakage occur due to yarn fault and tension variation. To improve the weave ability of warp yarn. And here using method is 4 point system. From the observation data of ball warping, we have discussed about productivity. To reduce 1 kg of Indigo, 700 gms of sodium hydrosulphide is required. The productivity of warping depends on various parameter such as how many number of creel how many number of actual creel used and also depends on the running time of warping machine. LCB action like as beam warping, most of the yarn breakage reasons is similar as beam warping. This is the most important operation to attain maximum weaving efficiency specially for blended and filament yarns. wet pick up is as low as 60%. are set up in the machine. These littler shafts are consolidated later at the slicing stage to create the weaver’s bar. From the observation data, we have known that production loss occurred due to machine speed, abrasion, loose yarn, faulty yarn, weak yarn, tight package of beam, tension variation, improper roller pressure etc. Amid coloring process, it shapes a covering in the external layers of the cotton yarn and fiber. As a result few amount of wastage is occurred. Softening is done at room temperature. Table: 12: Details Information about sizing: Weaving section of Sinha denim and rope denim limited are dived into two floor but two floor work with same reference and style number at a time that’s means rope dyeing yarn and slasher dyeing yarn are weaving process are same not different way. Because the individual yarn tension varies during direct dyeing. Design of the Creel: H creel is used in the direct warping normally. Production loss is more in direct warping compare to ball warping. By using this site, you agree to this use. In practice, this method has proven to be very good through obtaining an optimum indigo dyeing. Reduced form of Indigo is called leuco indigo. It is due to these properties, that make it an excellent dye for denim. REDUCED HYDRO  It is the hydro that is used for the reduction of Indigo. Testing of Hydro  TOTAL HYDRO  We take 10 ml of indio with SHS in 30-35 ml of water. Rope Dyeing Most denim is yarn-dyed fabric with the warp yarns dyed with indigo dye and the filling yarns left undyed. 3. With the advent of denim Indigo is not soluble in water. At pH 11.5 to 11.7, at this affinity is less, so dye effect will be less prominent. b. The warp yarns are rope dyed, it is then necessary to change the yarn alignment from a rope form to a sheet form before entering the next process, which is slashing or sizing. The theoretical as well as the practical knowledge that we gathered from our classes and in the industry, help us to perform and complete our project with credit for this we specially convey thanks to our honorable teachers. The machine are run 600-700 RPM and the efficiency of machine is high because of low wastage and breakage and the use machine is Air-jet. Concentration of Hydrosulphite It is measured by vatometer. When temperature is high, fiber will be damaged and yarn may break. 3. Our internship period we saw Morrison machine is use for this machine for finishing purpose use Proper finishing method is crucial in any other case the material will be rejected with the aid of the buyer for this reason use mercerization, skewing, brushing, singeing, and also use calendaring process. Halogenated derivatives give better fastness properties and brighter shades, whereas sulphonated derivatives gives a soluble blue dye, good dye and is applicable on protein fibres. 1 litre of air decomposes 1.8 litres of Sodium Hydrosulphide. Shrinkage percentages, heat placing, increase the width of the fabric etc. From the observation data, we have known that majority production loss occurred due to machine speed, hard sizing, high temperature and high squeeze roller pressure and yarn fault. We tried to find out the difference Productivity process of both Rope dyeing and sheet dyeing denim (Warping stage to Inspection stage). At the processing time of denim production from warping to inspection, textile materials are carried out various pressure and stresses not only during the machine operation but also machine stoppage time or process stoppage time. In rope dyeing sizing production loss rate is less compare to sheet dyeing sizing. Textile Notes related to fiber, yarn, fabric knowledge, spinning, weaving, processing, projects, knitting, Indian Traditional Textiles and denim manufacturing, thank you Sir for your great work i.e. Moreover after discussion with factory floor personnel e.g.

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