Values refer to certain beliefs that people have about different forms of behavior or products. Owners can be an individual or group of persons who started the company; or who bought a share of the company in the share market. For example, complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to update their facilities to accommodate those with disabilities. A new competitor entering the market is an example. It also has to maintain good relations with the suppliers. Consumer is the king of the market. The immediate far environment include: economy - a condition of the economic system in the area where the organization operates. Along with these, we can add additional factors that suit the current modern business atmosphere. Indirectly interactive: This environment has a secondary and more distant effect upon the organization. The political and legal dimensions of the external environment include regulatory parameters within which an organization must operate. Many companies develop a ‘competitor profile’ to more accurately forecast their short-and-long-term growth and profit? Navigating through the modern chaotic work environments is like trying to drive a small boat to shore during a hurricane. The advancement of industrialization in any Country depends mostly on the technological environment. In an organization, every action of the management body is influenced by the environment. Government agencies are the main player in the environment and interest groups are created by its members to attempt to influence organizations as well as the government. Owners of an organization may be an individual in the case of sole proprietorship business, partners in a partnership firm, shareholders or stockholders in a limited company or members in a cooperative society. This will also apply to the risks of the project related to harmful environmental factors on which the project manager can not exercise any control. The external environment embraces all general environmental factors and an organization’s specific industry-related factors. Customers, competition, economy, technology, political and social conditions, and resources are common external factors that influence the organization. Economic environment consists of economic factors that influence the functioning of a business unit. 1. The external business environment consists of economic, political and legal, demographic, social, competitive, global, and technological sectors. Business should be organised and governed, taking into consideration various values and norms of the society. These factors include economic system, economic policies, trade cycle, economic resources, gross national product, corporate profits, inflation rate, employment, balance of payments, interest rates, consumer income etc. Partners are those organizations a business teams up with to accomplish some mutually beneficial goal. Pressure groups include Consumers Association of Bangladesh, various Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Employers’ Associations, Environmental Protection Movement and the like. Indeed, even when everyone is capable and talented, politics and internal conflicts can destroy a good organization from within. A country’s economic conditions affect market attractiveness. And we know that organization is a social entity that has a hierarchical structure where all necessary items are put together and they act within it to reach the collective goal. demand and supply factors. When cash resources are too limited, that can affect the number of people you can hire, the quality of equipment and the type and amount of advertising you can buy. A negative image destroys the organization’s efforts to attract customers in a competitive world. The economic system includes capitalism, socialism, and mixed economy. The industry environmental factors are generally more controllable by a firm than the general environmental factors. Industry analysis helps them have clear information about what is happening in the industry in which their companies are operating their businesses. The new entrants are the upcoming competitors of the firm. To compensate for this external force, a company must keep abreast of the means the competition uses to lure customers, and objectively analyze the competitor's strengths and weaknesses. The external environment is composed by factors that occur outside the organization but which can cause internal changes and are, for the most part, beyond the company’s control. Although somewhat removed, indirect forces are still important to the interactive nature of an organization. External factors are unpredictable and uncontrollable. To run the business successfully, it is necessary to understand the environment with in which the business operates. It denotes to the methods available for converting resources into products or services. Society affects company’s decisions. Macroeconomic environment is the set of all factors affecting the behavior of organizations. I. Micro Environment: Micro environment is also known as operating environment. These strategic partners in some way influence the organization’s activities in various ways. Strategy formulation is linked to technological changes. Individual employees and also the labor unions they join are important parts of the internal environment. New legislation taking effect may have a great impact. The business environmental factors may be classified into different types. Terms of Service 7. Concerning its competitive position with suppliers, a company should address the following questions; “Satisfaction of customer”- the primary goal of every organization. The business should not only rely on the single supplier but also have relations with multiple suppliers. The internal environment of an organization refers to events, factors, people, systems, structures and conditions inside an organization that are generally under the direct control of the company. Twproject is a highly flexible project management tool for teams of all sizes. Some countries, such as India, pursue state-driven mercantilism to reduce imports and increase exports. The success of many organizations depends on how well they identify and respond to external technological changes. PESTLE Model covers political, economic, sociocultural, technological, legal, and environmental (natural).

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