Trigon, Secret Society of Super-Villains, Crime Syndicate, Seven Deadly Sins This series continues to pique my interest so I will continue to read. Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1 is the prelude. Order of Service for November 14-15, 2020. The wizards told her that she had released the evils contained within the box after she had gotten curious and opened it. Pandora warns him that if he tries to stop her then she will reveal his true identity to all of those he cares about. The main plot makes no sense, the new villain and his reveal are stupid, and two thirds of this book wanted to gouge my eyes out (not because of the art, which isn't bad. So if you've read everything, this might be good to have as a refresher. DeMatteis interviene cercando di instradare e migliorare le trame e le storie iniziano effettivamente a migliorare, peccato che il danno di base creato da DiDio, ossia l'aver definito origini e limiti del personaggio, rimane. We’d love your help. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Affiliations In the present day, the Trinity is still wandering the earth and serving out their sentences but find themselves becoming more than just observers. Defunct The story line will begin in July 2013's Justice League books, written by Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire. Reprints Justice League (2) #0 and #6 and Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1-5 (April 2012-January 2014). Add a photo to this gallery. Jasne, miejscami były problemy skąd nagle tu się wzięły zastępy herosów, ale walka z grzechami była wypadkową tego co udało się przeczytać wcześn. Trinity War last edited by expected a stand-alone, but it's not-- hence the a series of black screens (which was pretty trippy). probably makes a lot more sense when read with Trinity of Sin! 2 #23.4 – Secret Society. 2: Bulletproof. You can help DC Database by editing this page, providing additional information to bring this article to a higher standard of quality. I do not think the writers at DC comics are trying to be preachy or evangelist but are telling a story about good vs. evil and its sometimes gray areas. They expand on the plot and you might want to read them after you finish the other issues, but like Pandora #1, they're not necessary to understanding the plot. You have to at least read Constantine and Justice League Dark, both of which I read, but there's even crossovers with Superman and more. The cost of this however, is someone must be betrayed. that's exactly what I want to avoid. Guh, I just want to know what to read and what not to. 026 Trinity of Sin Phantom Stranger #15. The man who would become the Phantom Stranger was to be sentenced first. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This man was defiant and declared that if the wizards did not kill him then he would rise to power again and the wizards would fear his name as the world does. They summoned the Phantom Stranger, Pandora, and the Question to the Rock. Base of Operations 2: Breach of Faith, Not Bad! Allies Last was Pandora who was sorrowful and unsure of what she had done to deserve punishment. There have been hence at his origins ranging from The Wandering Jew or even Judas Iscariot himself. Trinity of Sin: Pandora #6-9; Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #14-17; Trinity of Sin: Pandora #4-5 and Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #12-13 tie into "Forever Evil" as well, but are not a part of the "Forever Evil: Blight" storyline. Hope Pandora and Marcus will be able to reassemble the box and get rid of evil. The Question tells the Stranger to "just shut up and die".[12]. /*# sourceMappingURL=*/ also works. Not Bad! Another interesting story lost in the process of stretching, cutting, crossing-over, and interweaving. DC Comics - The New 52 FCBD Special Edition #1, Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1 - Three Million Days; A Prequel to Trinity War, Trinity of Sin: Pandora #2 - Drawing Blood, Justice League #22 - Trinity War, Chapter One: The Death Card, Justice League Dark #22 - Trinity War, Chapter Three: House of Cards, Constantine #5 - Stealing Thunder, A Trinity War Interlude, Justice League of America #6 - Trinity War, Chapter Two, Trinity of Sin: Pandora #3 - Kick the Flood, Justice League Dark #23 - Trinity War, Chapter Five, DC Comics - The New 52 FCBD Special Edition, Justice League #19 - Prologue to Trinity War, Chapter One: War Games; Shazam!

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